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Falena : Lelcar

Lelcar is a town on the southernmost part of the Feitas, with three parts (islets), separated by bridge, each with their own leader, who all answer to the ruler of the town. The islets are almost like separate towns, with different architectural styles, and even duplicate shops, although Zahhak took care of that problem by burning down the Western Islet when fleeing from the Prince. This town was ruled by the Godwins, but due to its ineffective ruler (de Beers), and great distance from any other Godwin stronghold, it is more divided than you would expect (only the Western Islet really supported the Godwins).

KoRnholio's comment:
In many ways, the Two River of Suikoden V, without the demi-human races...understandable, once you consider the racism of the Godwins.