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Falena : Gordius Village

The training ground for Dragon Cavalry knights, and also the breeding ground for the Dragon-horses themselves. Since traditionally, the Dragon Cavalry accepts only men into their ranks, no women are allowed in Gordius Village, either. This changed after the Sun Rune War, when the new Commander, Rahal, changed the rules to allow women into the Cavalry. The lair on the banks of the Feitas is the only place in the world where dragon-horses can successfully lay their eggs. Eggs laid elsewhere simply lay dormant or don't hatch. This puts the entire Dragon Cavalry at the mercy of Gordius village. During the Sun Rune War, the Godwins took advantage of this by having Nether Gate hold the dragons and eggs in the lair hostage, for a short time, before they are fought off by the Prince.

KoRnholio's comment:
And thus Estella wasn't completely lying in Suikoden III.