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Falena : Haud Village

A concept town, on the western edge of Barows territory (around the middle of the Queendom) that was the brainchild of Salum Barows. Salum hired all the artists he deemed proficient that he could find, and put them to the task of designing a town. The town is inhabited mostly by the artists themselves, who spend their time thinking about how much more sophisticated they are then the rest of the populace of the Queendom. The town itself is full of bright colors and varied shapes, which make for an interesting walk through the town. The crowning jewel of Haud is the bridge on the east end of town, whose arch and color scheme exemplify the art style throughout the whole town.

KoRnholio's comment:
The only town full of abstract art cliches, Schoenberg-inspired background music, and citizens that talk like Yoda. A welcome change, at least, from boring castle stereotypes like Stormfist.