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Falena : East Palace

The palace just east of Sol-Falena, where the Dawn Rune has been traditionally held, guarded by clerics and officials of the throne (not the most effective guards, huh?). Future queens have had to go to this place to bear the Dawn Rune for a short period of time (a rite of initiation). In IS 447, however, operatives of Salum Barows secretly incited a mob from Lordlake to go to the East Palace, and in the confusion were able to steal the Dawn Rune from the inner sanctuary, effectively blaming it on the Lordlake mob in the world's eye for two years. It never returns to the East Palace, as after the Prince retrieves the Dawn Rune and the Sun Rune War ends, Queen Lymsleia has it kept in Sol-Falena so nothing of the sort happens again.

KoRnholio's comment:
So this must be a pretty boring place after the war ended.