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Falena : Lunas

A pristine land by a waterfall in the southern edge of the Ashtwal Mountains, Lunas is known as a holy land by all Falenans. Legend has it, that the first Queen of Falena descended from the heavens onto Lunas with the Sun Rune. So now, Lunas is staffed by clerics, whose duties are overseen by the Oracle.

There are considerable gold deposits at the bottom of the waterfall at Lunas, but collecting them is a crime in Falena. Even the warring senatorial factions in Falena won't dare touch the conclave itself or the gold deposits, because desecrating a holy land would immediately cause them to lose support from the people of Falena.

There is an entrance to the Ashtwal Mountains from Lunas which requires the Dawn and Twilight Runes, according to a legend which the oracles had passed down over the years, although not verified until the Sun Rune War.

The 'North Woods' of Lunas is actually a back route into Lunas, with a hidden passageway visible only to elves and a select few humans.