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Falena : Estrise

The main port in eastern Falena, Estrise is a town based on trade with the Island Nations Federation and the northern continent. This, along with the benevolent rule of Lord Wilde, have made it one of the most prosperous towns in the Queendom. A prominent feature in the town is its windmills, which were invented by the renowned Professor Babbage (who calls Estrise his home), to help control the flooding that plagued the lowlands in and around the town.

Estrise was largely destroyed during the New Armes invasion of IS 441, but was rebuilt quickly, with the help of Queen Arshtat. It is again occupied by the Armes Western Marine Corps under Shula Valya during the Sun Rune War in IS 449, but it was left unharmed. The populace are amongst the most level-headed in the Queendom, having great devotion to the royal family, and never getting too deep into the partisan politics of the Senate.

KoRnholio's comment:
And the music here is a major throwback to Gregminster from Suikoden I.