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Falena : Ashtwal Mountains

The cold mountains in the north of Falena. The glaciers here serve as the main source of water for the Feitas River, thus becoming the lifeblood of the Queendom. However, they are very treacherous, and it is almost impossible to survive here for an extended period of time.

The mountains are also home to a Sindar Ruins, one closely linked with the Sun Rune. Marscal Godwin found this out, and had a team of rune experts survey the ruins and take whatever artifacts they could, in hope of finding out how to elicit power from the Sun Rune. He returns here when Sol-Falena is under siege, to make his last stand as a reincarnation of the Sun Rune.

KoRnholio's comment:
Odd how the part of Falena closest to the Island Nations is somehow the coldest.