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The first game in the Suikoden series follows Tir McDohl as he becomes a fugitive from the corrupt empire ruling the land around him. The Gate Rune Wars involve a handful of the 27 True Runes: Ted's Soul Eater, Leknaat and Windy's Gate Rune, Joshua's Dragon Rune, Luc's True Wind Rune, Neclord's Moon Rune, and Yuber's Eightfold Rune.
The sequel to the original Suikoden improves on its predecessor in a countless number of ways. It explores the concepts of love, betrayal, loyalty, and loss in what are considered by many to be the most beautiful 2D graphics on the Playstation. Play as Riou*, who slowly becomes a leader, but at what cost?
An unknown force is searching for the 5 elemental True Runes by fueling existing conflicts. Three lives from opposing forces in the Grassland War hold the fate of all living things. Can these three discover the secrets of the Flame Champion, find the True Runes and live up to their destiny to forever change history?
Taking place 150 years before the end of the Gate Rune Wars, Suikoden IV explores the Island Nations, where rune cannons rule the seas and the Rune of Punishment has been passed around from hand to hand, taking the lives of both its bearers and their enemies. Lazlo*, an orphan training with the Knights of Razril, is about to get in the Rune's way...
The Queendom of Falena, ruled for generation upon generation by the women of the royal family: a vibrant nation, criss-crossed by canals and bustling with commerce. The Prince of Falena and his friends are about to embark on an adventure that will take them far and wide across this land, and beyond its borders to neighboring nations too.
Follow Kyril and his party as they search for clues to the elusive 'rune cannons' that have plagued the Island Nations. A 'sequel' of sorts to Suikoden IV.
In a different universe from the main series but the same 'Infinity', a group of warriors discover mysterious 'Chronicles' that grant strange memories and powerful abilities called the 'Mark of the Stars' as they gather to defy the Order of the One True Way.
Suikogaiden Volume 1 was released in Japan in Fall of 1999. It isn't slated for an American release. We have a translated summary provided by HowlingGuild.
Suikogaiden Volume 2 was released in Japan in Spring of 2001. It isn't slated for an American release. We have a translated summary provided by HowlingGuild.
Suikoden Card Stories is both a card game and a Gameboy Advance game. It was released in Japan in Fall of 2001 and focuses on card battles more than a main plot.