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Falena : Doraat

As the last line of defense before the capital (either Stormfist or Sol-Falena) during any Nagarean invasion (for many times in the past, the number one security concern in the Queendom), Doraat is an effectively built stronghold, mostly surrounded by water. In addition, its designed in a star-like fashion, with the corners of the city walls sticking out, to enable archers and magic users to use crossfire tactics when defending the fortress.

It is ruled by the Godwin family, and thus is closely linked to Stormfist. The populace is blindly supportive of the Godwins, but enough townspeople believed the rumor spread by Oboro and Taylor and thought that Doraat would suffer the same fate as Lelcar, that the populace rioted when the Prince attacked, and fled, opening the city gates, and making for an easy entrance by the Prince's forces.

The populace is mixed regarding support of the Prince's initial occupation, until Childerich is put in charge of the city. His inhumane actions destroy the citizens' respect for their masters, and are happy the second time the Prince frees them.

KoRnholio's comment:
Takes the prize as 'most annoying Suikoden town to navigate', due to its confusing ninja star shape. Even worse when you have to fight enemies throughout!