Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
212 - Falenan New Capital Calendar
The capital of the Queendom of Falena is moved to Sol-Falena from Stormfist, and the Falenan New Capital Calendar is instituted as the official calendar in Falena, starting here at year 0.
349 - Godwins Take Over Stormfist
The Godwin aristocratic family takes control of the Falenan stronghold of Stormfist from the Aethelbald family.
438 - Falenan Succession War
The revered but aging Falenan Queen Olhazeta dies, leaving a vacant throne. This escalates the struggle between her daughters, Falzrahm and Shahrewar, for control of the throne. They each start to enlist the Nether's Gate assassin group to force the other into submission, killing many senators, nobles, and even the husbands of each princess.
439 - Falzrahm Ascends to Throne
Shahrewar gives up her right to the throne to Falzrahm, who assumes the throne of Falena. Her first act is to command the Nether's Gate to kill her sister, believing her capitulation simply another plot.
441 - New Armes Invades Falena
Queen Falzrahm of Falena dies of natural causes. The New Armes Kingdom invades Falena after the new queen, Arshtat, takes the throne. However, they are driven back by the strategy and diplomacy of Arshtat, the Commander of the Queen's Knights, Ferid, and Lucretia Merces.
447 - Lordlake Decimated
The people of Lordlake lodged a protest to Arshtat about a dam being built upriver from them. The Dawn Rune goes missing, and since the protest (now a mob) had gotten to the East Palace (where the Dawn Rune is held), it is assumed the mob took it. Arshtat, now bearing the Sun Rune, scorches the area of Lordlake with it, and has the head of Lordlake, Lord Rovere, executed, along with his family. Hatred Fortress is built by the order of Marscal Godwin, damming all water to Lordlake.
449-450 - Sun Rune War
Arshtat is killed by the Queen's Knight Georg Prime, although this was actually the result of a coup by the Godwin faction. Lymsleia, her daughter, is crowned Queen, under the supervision of the Godwins. The Prince and the Queen's sister, Sialeeds, escaped the capital and regroup under the protection of Salum Barows in Rainwall, and form an army to depose the Godwins, now in complete control of the Falenan Army, beginning what is referred to on this site as the 'Sun Rune War'. The throne now pursues a 'Falena for Falenans' policy, involving the subjugation of various cultures like Raftfleet, and the extermination of demihumans. The various groups in Falena unite against the reigning Godwins, and they are deposed. Now in complete control, Queen Lymsleia abolishes the corrupt Senate and creates a parliament system, with representatives from each town, regardless of race.
Falena, the only known Queendom in the world, is located on a continent south of the Island Nations. It is separated into regions by its main geographical feature, the Feitas River, which is used as the easiest method of traversing the Queendom. It is surrounded by mysterious countries such as its oft-enemy, Armes, and Nagarea, of which little is known. The site of Suikoden V.

The past of the land of Falena is blurry and oft-speculated about, for multiple reasons. Most importantly, the previous civilization to inhabit the land, the Ancient Armes Dynasty, was completely obliterated by the Sun Rune (one of the 27 True Runes), removing all traces of history up to that point, leaving a clean slate for anybody interested. Furthermore, within Falena exists more ruins of the Sindar race than any other known country, the extinct nomads whose fate peaks the interest of countless inquisitive scholars in the Suikoden world.

Disregarding any previous history of the land, the Queendom of Falena, legend has it, was founded after a woman descended onto the northern area of Lunas, bearing the Sun Rune, to become the first Queen.

The Sun Rune became the national treasure of Falena, along with its 'helper' runes, those of Dawn and Twilight.

Over time, the Queendom developed several peculiar traits. Despite being ultimately ruled by a monarch, the Senate and its nobles grew quite powerful. The Sacred Games, a fighting contest held to decide the husband for the next Queen, developed in the capital at that time, Stormfist. The winner of the contest would, in addition to gaining the Princess' hand, would become the next Commander of the Queen's Knights. Soon nobles began to train gladiator slaves to fight for them in the Games, giving them the right to the spoils, without the need to fight. These gladiators were legally abused (until the reign of Queen Arshtat), and given no rights, trained their whole lives simply to fight for their noble masters. Through this method, nobles from the powerful Senate factions were able to stay in power in Falena. Even when the capital was moved to Sol-Falena, the Games stayed in Stormfist.

Falena has developed its own calendar system, called the 'Falenan New Capital Calendar' (FNC), officially replacing the 'Harmonian Solar Calendar'. In the Harmonian Solar Year 212, the capital of Falena was moved to Sol-Falena and the new calendar adopted, starting at Year 0.

The Nether's Gate, a group of assassins, existed in the employ of the throne, used to eliminate political enemies, and in some cases, other members of the royal family, until they were dissolved by Queen Arshtat after taking power.

The Feitas Dragon Cavalry was formed in defense of Falena's Nagarean border, and then became sworn simply to defend Falena's borders, nothing else. Unlike the Nether's Gate, the Cavalry refused to involve itself in Falenan internal conflict.

In the IS Year 440, the New Armes Kingdom (not to be confused with the Ancient Armes Dynasty) invaded Falena but was repulsed by the effective maneuvering of the new Queen Arshtat and her husband, Commander Ferid of the Queen's Knights.

The grand capital of the Queendom of Falena, the home of the Sun Palace, and the Sun Rune. The city was completed in IS 212 to serve as the capital, moving from Stormfist. Sol-Falena was built on the Feitas where it has expanded into a lake, giving it excellent defense against ground invasion. Furthermore, the great Sol-Falena Dam served as another barrier from the south, although it was damaged to the point of ineffectiveness by the Sun Rune at the end of the Sun Rune War in IS 450.

Besides serving as the home of the royal family, and a bustling city to boot, the Senate met in Sol-Falena until its dissolution at the end of the Sun Rune War, when it was replaced with a parliament.

The Sun Palace was stormed in IS 449 by the Godwin Faction and assassins from Nether's Gate, the Queen deposed and control of Sol-Falena (and thus the Falenan army and navy) by the Godwins. Their rule was ended the next year by the Prince, who had escaped from that same coup.

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Did anyone else not like the town? All the fortress towns in Falena seem to be hard to navigate. Is that a strategic choice?
The home of the elves on the Falenan continent, Alseid is reportedly downstream from Lunas, and its fate is closely tied in with that of the holy land. Collecting of gold dust from the river by Lunas harms the elven village, and so its members keep a close eye on the home of the Oracle.

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There should be a Codebreaker code that lets you visit this place. Come on Konami, you know we all want to!
A pristine land by a waterfall in the southern edge of the Ashtwal Mountains, Lunas is known as a holy land by all Falenans. Legend has it, that the first Queen of Falena descended from the heavens onto Lunas with the Sun Rune. So now, Lunas is staffed by clerics, whose duties are overseen by the Oracle.

There are considerable gold deposits at the bottom of the waterfall at Lunas, but collecting them is a crime in Falena. Even the warring senatorial factions in Falena won't dare touch the conclave itself or the gold deposits, because desecrating a holy land would immediately cause them to lose support from the people of Falena.

There is an entrance to the Ashtwal Mountains from Lunas which requires the Dawn and Twilight Runes, according to a legend which the oracles had passed down over the years, although not verified until the Sun Rune War.

The 'North Woods' of Lunas is actually a back route into Lunas, with a hidden passageway visible only to elves and a select few humans.

The cold mountains in the north of Falena. The glaciers here serve as the main source of water for the Feitas River, thus becoming the lifeblood of the Queendom. However, they are very treacherous, and it is almost impossible to survive here for an extended period of time.

The mountains are also home to a Sindar Ruins, one closely linked with the Sun Rune. Marscal Godwin found this out, and had a team of rune experts survey the ruins and take whatever artifacts they could, in hope of finding out how to elicit power from the Sun Rune. He returns here when Sol-Falena is under siege, to make his last stand as a reincarnation of the Sun Rune.

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Odd how the part of Falena closest to the Island Nations is somehow the coldest.
The palace just west of Sol-Falena, where the Twilight Rune has been traditionally held, guarded by clerics and officials of the throne. Future queens have had to go to this place to bear the Twilight Rune for a short period of time (a rite of initiation). The palace sees some commotion during the Sun Rune War, as both Alenia and Sialeeds bear the Twilight Rune themselves from there.

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At least it looks better than the East Palace.
The palace just east of Sol-Falena, where the Dawn Rune has been traditionally held, guarded by clerics and officials of the throne (not the most effective guards, huh?). Future queens have had to go to this place to bear the Dawn Rune for a short period of time (a rite of initiation). In IS 447, however, operatives of Salum Barows secretly incited a mob from Lordlake to go to the East Palace, and in the confusion were able to steal the Dawn Rune from the inner sanctuary, effectively blaming it on the Lordlake mob in the world's eye for two years. It never returns to the East Palace, as after the Prince retrieves the Dawn Rune and the Sun Rune War ends, Queen Lymsleia has it kept in Sol-Falena so nothing of the sort happens again.

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So this must be a pretty boring place after the war ended.
A mountain in the center of Falena. In lore, the capital of the Ancient Armes Dynasty is said to be near this mountain.

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You can't reach this mountain in the game, but its located in the huge landmass between Agate Prison and the Big Hole.
As the last line of defense before the capital (either Stormfist or Sol-Falena) during any Nagarean invasion (for many times in the past, the number one security concern in the Queendom), Doraat is an effectively built stronghold, mostly surrounded by water. In addition, its designed in a star-like fashion, with the corners of the city walls sticking out, to enable archers and magic users to use crossfire tactics when defending the fortress.

It is ruled by the Godwin family, and thus is closely linked to Stormfist. The populace is blindly supportive of the Godwins, but enough townspeople believed the rumor spread by Oboro and Taylor and thought that Doraat would suffer the same fate as Lelcar, that the populace rioted when the Prince attacked, and fled, opening the city gates, and making for an easy entrance by the Prince's forces.

The populace is mixed regarding support of the Prince's initial occupation, until Childerich is put in charge of the city. His inhumane actions destroy the citizens' respect for their masters, and are happy the second time the Prince frees them.

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Takes the prize as 'most annoying Suikoden town to navigate', due to its confusing ninja star shape. Even worse when you have to fight enemies throughout!
This stronghold in the northwest corner of Falena is rich in history, having once been the capital of the Queendom, hundreds of years ago. The castle and both sections of the city are completely surrounded (not to mention separated) by a moat, giving it a great natural protection against invading armies Stormfist's own Sacred Games were arguably the most important events in the country, picking royalty and shifting power between factions every time a future queen needed a husband. The Games are tied so closely to the city (possibly because of the large arena), that they continued to stay in the city, even after the capital was moved to Sol-Falena roughly IS 237. This gives whatever power reigning in Stormfist (which at that time was the Aethelbald family, who was given control of the city when the capital moved) a guaranteed sense of authority and importance, which nobody else can have. The Godwin family got the idea, and through a series of schemes, took power from the Aethelbalds in roughly IS 349, and have ruled Stormfist ever since.

Stormfist's great distance from the greatest of Falena's enemies, the New Armes Kingdom, gave each Godwin ruler a distinct card to play in Falenan politics. Hawkish positioning towards Armes was safer for the people of Stormfist, as they would be the last to fall. The ruler of the eastern, more vulnerable cities would look weak in the Senate if they didn't want to go to war, an opportunity which the lords of Stormfist capitalized on.

The city is divided into the old town, filled with the old residents and hardline supporters of the Godwin faction, and the new town, which houses the younger and more moderate populace. There are some tensions between the two groups, and it shows when the Prince's army takes the city. Many in the new town accept their new leaders, while much of the population of the old town are still waiting for their Godwin saviors to come back and liberate them.

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They even played the Prince with the plot of Suikoden V, which was really just a crazy scheme to get the Aethelbalds out of their sewers for some time. Joke's on them though....he came back!
Industry: Trade
A port town on the western edge of Falena. Traditionally Stormfist territory, the port serves as the main center for international trade or travel for anybody on the west half of Falena. The populace here is largely merchants and bureaucrats, and more moderate than the people in other Godwin towns such as Stormfist or Doraat, and doesn't really care who is in control of them, as long as their trade is not affected.

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So isolated from Falenan politics that they don't even recognize the fugitive Prince when he waltzes right into the Godwin-controlled town and talks to them face-to-face.
A small forested area southwest of Stormfist, which is the perfect place for nefarious wrongdoings, due to its isolation. When Dolph kidnapped Marina, he found the abandoned shack in the woods was the perfect place to hideout and hold her for ransom.

A secret passage exists here to enter the underground dungeon of Stormfist, where the gladiators were held. This is exploited by the Prince to sneak into the arena.

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What WAS in that shack? The home of the Godwins before they took over?
The biggest prison in Falena, Agate is built on an island in the middle of the Feitas, making it near impossible to escape. Most of the political and other high-profile prisoners are kept here for long-term sentences. Unbeknownst to the operators, however, there is a secret underground pathway in and out of the prison, built by the dwarf Gunde to help smuggle prisoners out of Agate itself.

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You think the Godwins would have thrown more people in there, considering their ways. Maybe they just executed everybody else?
A far-off forest on the western edge of Falena, this little-visited (except by looters) forest is home to a Sindar Ruins that is closely connected with the Twilight Rune. Traps inside catch nosy treasure-seekers who can't proceed any farther (unless they possess any of the three runes of Falena).

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In addition to the trips here in Suikoden V, the ruins here are visited in Suikogaiden Vol. 2 (third chapter, back route) by Lorelai, Killey, and, by a messed-up teleportation, Viki, Meg, Gadget, Millie, and Bonaparte
A stronghold built by the Godwins about IS 447, this fortress (designed and built with conscripted beaver labor) dams the Feitas right north of Lordlake, stopping any water from reaching the town. It was in the same site of a failed attempt at another dam by the Barows faction a short time earlier. For two years, its existence kept the town of Lordlake in thirsty desolation. This lasted until IS 449, when gigantic waves caused by the draining of Ceras Lake completely destroyed the fortress.

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So who named this? Childerich?
In southern Falena, part of the Feitas River was dammed by the Sindar people, to create a manmade lake, called Ceras Lake. This was created to cover up a great castle, also created by the Sindar, on the southeastern edge of the lake, for reasons nobody knows. The dam can only be controlled by the ruins on the western edge of the lake, which are tied in closely with the Dawn Rune. Without one of the three runes of Falena, nothing can be done about the sluice. During the Sun Rune War, the sluice gate is opened by the Prince of Falena (using the Dawn Rune) for the purpose of destroying Hatred Fortress, and the castle occupied for a short time as the base of operations for the Liberation Army. For strategy purposes, the sluice gate is closed again later in the war, only to be opened later.
Lelcar is a town on the southernmost part of the Feitas, with three parts (islets), separated by bridge, each with their own leader, who all answer to the ruler of the town. The islets are almost like separate towns, with different architectural styles, and even duplicate shops, although Zahhak took care of that problem by burning down the Western Islet when fleeing from the Prince. This town was ruled by the Godwins, but due to its ineffective ruler (de Beers), and great distance from any other Godwin stronghold, it is more divided than you would expect (only the Western Islet really supported the Godwins).

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In many ways, the Two River of Suikoden V, without the demi-human races...understandable, once you consider the racism of the Godwins.
Nestled deep in the southeastern corner of Falena, directly on the border with the New Armes Kingdom, is the mountain town of Sable. Given its location as the first stop on the route of any New Armes invasion, Sable is heavily fortified, with the entire city walled in, and sentried all around the wall much like a castle. In addition, warriors from Sable are known to be some of the best in Falena, and are very valuable in any conflict. Sable's leader, Lord Solis Raulbel, is known as one of the kindest and most caring leaders in all of Falena, truly unlike most members of the aristocracy.

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Otherwise known as the only known settlement in Falena that has to irrigate.
The underground home of the Falenan dwarves, built into a mountain in southern Falena. Here, the dwarves stay relatively out of the way of human civilization, digging tunnels throughout Falena, going as far north as Agate Prison, and as far west as the Twilight Forest. However, their isolation and contentment end when the Godwins, as part of their 'Falena for Falenans' policy, send Nether's Gate assassins in to kill dwarves. With the help of the Prince, the dwarves rout the assassins and then pledge their aid to the Prince. They are rewarded when, after the Godwins are defeated, Queen Lymsleia gives them an equal voice in the New Parliament.

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At least we got some dwarven stars now, but I liked the Suikoden 1 Dwarf Village music much better. They should've just kept it.
The training ground for Dragon Cavalry knights, and also the breeding ground for the Dragon-horses themselves. Since traditionally, the Dragon Cavalry accepts only men into their ranks, no women are allowed in Gordius Village, either. This changed after the Sun Rune War, when the new Commander, Rahal, changed the rules to allow women into the Cavalry. The lair on the banks of the Feitas is the only place in the world where dragon-horses can successfully lay their eggs. Eggs laid elsewhere simply lay dormant or don't hatch. This puts the entire Dragon Cavalry at the mercy of Gordius village. During the Sun Rune War, the Godwins took advantage of this by having Nether Gate hold the dragons and eggs in the lair hostage, for a short time, before they are fought off by the Prince.

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And thus Estella wasn't completely lying in Suikoden III.
Industry: Woodcrafts
The home of all Falenan beavers, Beaver Lodge is a simple collection of small wooden cabins on islands connected by bridges. The beavers gather here to stay away from humans, often with little success. The beavers are conscripted by the Godwins to build the Hatred Fortress, which keeps the town of Lordlake desolate for years. To repay their debt to Lordlake, the beavers go along with Lucretia's plan to destroy the fortress and build some dams to help the effort. Still, the beavers do not like war and choose to stay in isolation, until the Godwins come and burn down the Beaver Lodge. Knowing that they cannot run from humans any longer, the beavers choose to help restore Falena, and delay the rebuilding of the Lodge until after the war. Following the defeat of the Godwins, are given a voice in the New Parliament created by Queen Lymsleia to replace the Senate.

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And the collection of different species that speak human languages and form towns in the Suikoden world again increases. What animal will Konami make into a demi-human race next? Emus? Owls? Bears? You heard it here first.
Lordlake is a town on the southern end of the Queendom, adjacent to a large lake. Its water was cut off in IS 447 when the river was dammed and the ensuing conflict resulted in Lord Rovere's execution and the scorching of the town, including Rovere's library, which was quite valuable. The populace had great contempt for the government until water was restored to the town by the Prince and Lucretia's tactics in IS 449. Lordlake then began to rebuild under its leader (after Rovere died), Talgeyl.

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Ruled by a lord...on a lake...names are getting worse and worse, aren't they?
The self-explanatory Waterfall Basin in southern Falena is a beautiful area around a waterfall on the Feitas. Lots of winding rock paths and bridges occupy this place. It is known as a secluded area, uninhabited by humans. However, rumor among the beavers at their nearby downstream lodge portends that 'Boss' lives here, although nobody dares go here to meet him.

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Also known as the home of the much sought after, prosperity rune piece-dropping Ogre Frogs.
Industry: Fishing
Aptly named, Raftfleet is a collection of small fishing ships that have banded together to form a 'fleet' of sorts - really more of a floating town, one that can move along the Feitas River as often as it wants, for any reason.

Although not isolationists, the inhabitants of Raftfleet are a laid-back bunch, who don't care much for the internal squabbles of the Queendom. This brings contempt from hardline, militaristic factions like the Godwins.

The flagship of Raftfleet is the Dahak, a large boat with a scary-looking dragon on its bow. Raftfleet is led by Raja, the former commander of the Falenan Royal Navy, who protects the interests of Raftfleet with great cunning and wisdom.

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Brilliant capitalists, also. You actually have to walk through shops here to get to other shops. Talk about product placement! Come looking for armor, and you'll have wasted all your money on weapon sharpening and Graffiti appraisal by the time you get there.
The home of the Dragon Cavalry, Sauronix is the main fortress in southwestern Falena. The castle, overlooking a port on the Feitas, is where the Dragon Cavalry knights are stationed when not in battle, while the castle town is a haven for people who wish to get away from the internal struggles of Falena.

The fortress has traditionally served as the first, and primary, line of defense against any invasion by the theocracy of Nagarea. However, with the destruction of the land route between the two countries in IS 376, the Dragon Cavalry's role has become more of a symbolic one, although they still pledge to fight any foreign power who sets foot on the Queendom's land.

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Although I'm pretty sure the castle town only exists for the myriad of Rahal fans to congregate. Guess they don't know about his 'problem'.
An important port that connects sites in the southwest of Falena, such as Sauronix Castle and Hersheville, with the rest of the country. Because it is the only quick way to reach Sauronix, the Dragon Cavalry controls security at the port. For this reason, it usually doesn't see much fighting during the internal struggles that so often engulf Falena.

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The #1 place to meet mysterious foreign chicks, if you're into girls who can kill you five times before you can say "Come here often?"
A coal mine that was abandoned years ago. It acts as one of the only ways to access the underground tunnel system that connects much of Falena.

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And the place of the first sighting of an electric guitar in the entire Suikoden world.
A forest near Lordlake that use to be a popular place for kids to play, until the area was scorched by the Sun Rune. Otherwise peaceful animals here became driven to attack humans that dared wander through the forest.

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What was it called before it became withered?
A desolate mountain near Sable, that is inhabited only by monsters and bandits. During the Sun Rune War, it was used as the home base for the "Bandit Prince" who terrorized Sable for a short time.

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Nothing. This place was bland.
The main port in eastern Falena, Estrise is a town based on trade with the Island Nations Federation and the northern continent. This, along with the benevolent rule of Lord Wilde, have made it one of the most prosperous towns in the Queendom. A prominent feature in the town is its windmills, which were invented by the renowned Professor Babbage (who calls Estrise his home), to help control the flooding that plagued the lowlands in and around the town.

Estrise was largely destroyed during the New Armes invasion of IS 441, but was rebuilt quickly, with the help of Queen Arshtat. It is again occupied by the Armes Western Marine Corps under Shula Valya during the Sun Rune War in IS 449, but it was left unharmed. The populace are amongst the most level-headed in the Queendom, having great devotion to the royal family, and never getting too deep into the partisan politics of the Senate.

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And the music here is a major throwback to Gregminster from Suikoden I.
The stronghold of the Barows family, this beautiful, extravagant city is essentially built on a giant waterfall, with stairs decorated by smaller waterfalls (and statues of influential Barows) leading up to the grandiose Barows mansion. The prosperity of the town breeds a very strong loyalty to the Barows, so much that the head of the family can do whatever he wants, even hide one of the runes of Falena. Its not until Salum Barows is deposed and killed that the townspeople shed their blind trust in the family.

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Most likely soon to be sent into disrepair under Euram's incompetent rule. No doubt there will soon be a statue of Lymsleia in the front.
A bridge inbetween Sol-Falena and Rainwall across the Feitas, that was designed by Babbage of Estrise, so that it can only be operated from the west side. Built to protect against Armes invasion, although the Godwins also used it to attack Rainwall during the Sun Rune War. Soon after this, however, the bridge is disabled by Babbage, who disagrees with its usage in such a manner. Following the war, he and Sorenson re-activate it, confident that it will no longer be used for evil.

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So how did they attack Rainwall after he disabled it? Apparently the bridge wasn't vital...
A large hole in the ground west of Rainwall. At the bottom is a passageway that leads to the ruins of the capital of the Ancient Armes Dynasty.

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Oddly named. Let the off-color Jeane jokes commence.
A concept town, on the western edge of Barows territory (around the middle of the Queendom) that was the brainchild of Salum Barows. Salum hired all the artists he deemed proficient that he could find, and put them to the task of designing a town. The town is inhabited mostly by the artists themselves, who spend their time thinking about how much more sophisticated they are then the rest of the populace of the Queendom. The town itself is full of bright colors and varied shapes, which make for an interesting walk through the town. The crowning jewel of Haud is the bridge on the east end of town, whose arch and color scheme exemplify the art style throughout the whole town.

KoRnholio's comment:
The only town full of abstract art cliches, Schoenberg-inspired background music, and citizens that talk like Yoda. A welcome change, at least, from boring castle stereotypes like Stormfist.
A quiet town in the eastern section of Falena. Its political isolation, friendly townspeople, and assortment of hot spring baths make it a popular vacation spot for people from Rainwall, not to mention New Armes generals wanting to stay under the radar on reconaissance missions. When there's a problem with the springs, though, the town's industry comes to a standstill.

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Only thing its missing the the old gossiping woman you need to recruit.