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Falena : Sol-Falena

The grand capital of the Queendom of Falena, the home of the Sun Palace, and the Sun Rune. The city was completed in IS 212 to serve as the capital, moving from Stormfist. Sol-Falena was built on the Feitas where it has expanded into a lake, giving it excellent defense against ground invasion. Furthermore, the great Sol-Falena Dam served as another barrier from the south, although it was damaged to the point of ineffectiveness by the Sun Rune at the end of the Sun Rune War in IS 450.

Besides serving as the home of the royal family, and a bustling city to boot, the Senate met in Sol-Falena until its dissolution at the end of the Sun Rune War, when it was replaced with a parliament.

The Sun Palace was stormed in IS 449 by the Godwin Faction and assassins from Nether's Gate, the Queen deposed and control of Sol-Falena (and thus the Falenan army and navy) by the Godwins. Their rule was ended the next year by the Prince, who had escaped from that same coup.

KoRnholio's comment:
Did anyone else not like the town? All the fortress towns in Falena seem to be hard to navigate. Is that a strategic choice?