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Falena : Beaver Lodge

Industry: Woodcrafts

The home of all Falenan beavers, Beaver Lodge is a simple collection of small wooden cabins on islands connected by bridges. The beavers gather here to stay away from humans, often with little success. The beavers are conscripted by the Godwins to build the Hatred Fortress, which keeps the town of Lordlake desolate for years. To repay their debt to Lordlake, the beavers go along with Lucretia's plan to destroy the fortress and build some dams to help the effort. Still, the beavers do not like war and choose to stay in isolation, until the Godwins come and burn down the Beaver Lodge. Knowing that they cannot run from humans any longer, the beavers choose to help restore Falena, and delay the rebuilding of the Lodge until after the war. Following the defeat of the Godwins, are given a voice in the New Parliament created by Queen Lymsleia to replace the Senate.

KoRnholio's comment:
And the collection of different species that speak human languages and form towns in the Suikoden world again increases. What animal will Konami make into a demi-human race next? Emus? Owls? Bears? You heard it here first.