Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
020 - Warrior's Village Founded
The Paladin Klift founds the Warrior's Village. What Klift taught as the "Warrior's Philosophy" starts to be carried on.
080 - Great Contract
"The Great Contract" is issued between Kobolds, Dwarves, and Elves in the Great Forest to set boundaries between each group.
230 - Scarlet Moon Empire Established
The Scarlet Moon Empire succeeds from Harmonia by taking advantage of internal conflict. The first emperor is Kranach Rugner. The Sovereign Rune becomes the Rugner family's heirloom.
299 - Human-Hunting, Border Village Destroyed
Following an episode of 'human-hunting' near the Scarlet Moon/Kooluk border, much of a village on that border is decimated by a bearer of the Rune of Punishment, a Scarlet Moon officer by the name of Graham Cray*. * - This is how it is understood by historians. The truth is Graham Cray's Son used the rune and died, his father gaining the rune shortly therafter.
347 - Soniere Prison Completed
Soniere Prison is completed after years of prison labor.
370 - Scarleticia Completed
Scarleticia Castle is completed.
407 - Moravia Completed
Moravia Castle completed.
446 - Succession Wars Begin
The Succession Wars break out between Barbarossa Rugner and Geil Rugner, who struggle for control over the Scarlet Moon Empire. Initially, Geil had the upper hand, but with the help of Leon Silverberg and the Six Great Generals, Barbarossa defeated Geil.
447 - Tinto Invades Scarlet Moon
Tinto takes advantage of Scarlet Moon's civil war and attacks but Barbarossa, along with the Six Great Generals and Leon Silverberg, manages to beat them back.
448 - Kalekka Incident
To stir up support for the war with Jowston, Imperial soldiers disguised as Jowston soldiers massacre the town of Kalekka. Vice-Strategist Mathiu Silverberg leaves the Imperial Army.
453 - Gate Rune Wars Begin
Odessa Silverberg forms the Liberation Army. The Gate Rune Wars (Liberation Wars) Start.
455 - Liberation Army Reforms
The Rebel's Hideout at Lenankamp is attacked by the Imperial Army and the Liberation Army was destroyed. Odessa Silverberg dies in this attack. The Liberation Army is reformed soon at the "Old Fortress of Lake Toran" with the son of Teo McDohl as the leader.
456 - Jowstone Invades Scarlet Moon
By the strategy of Mathiu Silverberg, Tinto and South Window occupy the northern area (Senan) of the Scarlet Moon Empire.
457 - Gate Rune Wars End, Toran Established
The son of Teo McDohl leads the Liberation Army to victory. The Scarlet Moon Empire is destroyed and the Toran Republic is formed. The first President is Lepant.
458 - Toran Attacks Jowstone
Toran Republic starts a campaign to regain the northern lands occupied by the armies of Tinto and South Window. Commander-in-Chief Kwanda Rossman along with Kasim Hazil and Sonya Schulen participates in this campaign. They push back South Window first and defeat Tinto as well. This causes friction between Tinto and South Window. Seeing this, Highland increases military activity around its border with Jowstone.
Scarlet Moon/Toran
Toran is a temperate region situated south of Dunan. This area used to belong to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. In IS 230, a powerful aristocrat, Kranach "Knight of the Scarlet Moon" Rugner proclaimed independence from Harmonia during a civil war. The Scarlet Moon Empire was thus formed, and ruled the area for the next two centuries until Emperor Barbarossa Rugner was ousted by rebels in the Gate Rune Wars in IS 457. The area is currently ruled by the Toran Republic.

The most noticeable feature in Toran is Lake Toran, a saltwater lake connected directly to the ocean through a wide channel to the Northwest. The entire region is surrounded by tall mountains to all directions other than the Northwest, Northeast, and Southeast. However, the vast Karakas desert and the "badlands" lie Northwest, the great ocean to the Northeast, and the vast Moran Forest to the Southwest, which keeps this region relatively isolated. Toran is also known to have a native species of reptilian draft animals called "Gul-horses" which are often used in the cavalry of armies in Toran.

Blue Moon's comment:
What happened to the gul-horses between Suikoden 1 and Suikoden 2? Answer: Sushi!
This is where the capital, Gregminster, is located. This area used to be a part of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, and the Holy City of Rupanda was located in this land. This region serves as the center of activity for bureaucracy in Toran, due to it being at a strategically well-protected area and also being close to a major waterway. The area itself is surrounded by mountains on many sides, such as Mt. Seifu and Mt. Tigerwolf. Military protection is ample with Shasarazade and Kwaba forbidding entry from most other sides. Due to warm currents that come in from the north into Lake Toran, the climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
The New England of Toran, this place has all the culture and wealth of Toran. That's probably why the rest of the nation looks so poor.
Population: 19000
Industry: Arts, Ceramics, Wine
Gregminster is the largest city in Toran. In the same location stood Harmonia's Holy City of Rupanda, but after the rise of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Kranach Rugner renamed it Gregminster. Since then, Gregminster remained to be the political and bureaucratic center of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Gregminster was actually destroyed during the Succession War (IS 446) by the forces of Geil Rugner, but the "Golden Emperor" Barbarossa Rugner rebuilt the city to new heights. The capital city has been the house of many high officials of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Coupled with the long history of this city, people who live here tend to have a certain elitism over the rest of Toran. The bulk of the economy at Gregminster comes from mercantilism, and Gregminster is known mainly for its art and ceramics. This is all due to Barbarossa's policy of protecting and nurturing art and culture. The architecture of the city reflects this, and all houses are built with ivory-colored walls and and contrasting red doors.

In the middle of the city stands the "Golden Goddess" statue. This statue was made by the renowned artist, Basil. It is said that the statue is a mirror image of Barbarossa's late emperess, Claudia.

Political corruption led to the Liberation Movement, and the Scarlet Moon Empire perished after 230 years of prosperity, but Gregminster remains to be the capital city-- now of the Toran Republic.

Blue Moon's comment:
No, there is NO WAY you can enter Milich's mansion in Suikoden 2. Why would you want to enter, anyways?
Population: 2700
Rockland is a small village situated to the east of Gregminster. Rockland was one of the worst victims of political corruption during the last days of the Scarlet Moon Empire, but has regained its peace after the empire was toppled. Rockland is famous for its stew. Chinchirorin is also a favorite pastime of Rockland's citizens. The houses in Rockland are, true to its name, made of rocks.

Blue Moon's comment:
This is where Elza practices her fake grave making skills. Another mystery is why Grady has official art but no in-game portrait. Lazyness?
Population: 7500
Industry: Trade, Armor
Lenankamp is a town located south of Gregminster. The Liberation Army's hideout was originally located in Lenankamp. For that reason, imperial soldiers often led raids into houses in Lenankamp in search of traitors. The main street of Lanankamp is always bustling with people, and the only smithy in the Land of Arlus is located here. "Keyaki (Zelkova)" Inn is the most famous inn in Lanankamp. Lenankamp is famous for its circlets, which are sold in the armor shop.

Blue Moon's comment:
Meg's parents live here, too. She is one of the few stars of destiny to have both parents alive and together. Oh yes, and "Keyaki" of the "Keyaki Inn" means zelkova, as in the zelkova tree.
Population: 700
A small village located in the plains north of Mt. Tigerwolf. Although located far from civilization, many travelers visit in search of rare plants, water runes, and water rune pieces. For that reason, the inn is bustling with activity. The houses here are sturdy, using stone walls and an octagonal roof.

Blue Moon's comment:
Travelers come for rare plants? I bet it is the type of plant that makes you happy. Law enforcement is probably non-existent anyways, as suggested from the fact that Tir McDohl was brought here when he was abducted during the Succession War
The Magician's Isle is the residence of the Seer Leknaat. She performs an important function by performing annual "Astrological readings" for the empire. Due to her fear of her sister, Windy, taking advantage of her powers, the island is protected by powerful magic wards. Because of the wards, no one can enter the island unless they are invited by Leknaat. No one knows if anyone lives here after Leknaat left.

Blue Moon's comment:
I'd hate to make such detailed graphics for a location, only to see it used once!
Shasarazade is a fortress built right next to the channel that leads to Lake Toran. The fortress is the home to Sonya Schulen. Once, an odd incident happened where a wedding gown was pinned onto the walls of the fortress. This was actually a prank pulled off by Anji's Lake Pirates. Sonya had been very strict in arresting lake pirates, and Anji meant to tell Sonya to "you can never get married with that type of attitude." Shasarazade is often referred to as a "floating fortress," but the fortress itself is located on a small peninsula, and is not actually afloat. This place later becomes infamous as the site where Sanchez stabbed Mathiu Silverberg and lit the fort on fire while Tir McDohl was still fighting inside.

Blue Moon's comment:
Why the name? It seems to come from Shaharazade, a collection of Arabic folklore, but the spelling is off, and it has nothing to do woith the folklore. Sonya must have been smoking something in Sarady to think up this name.
Mt. Seifu is 470 Metres high, and its name comes from the cold wind that blows from its summit (Seifu translates to "pure/clear wind"). The temperature is low on the mountain, making it famous for non-native flora and fungi. The mountain is very rugged with cliffs and caves--making it a favorite hideout for bandits throughout the ages. The Mt. Seifu bandits fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire throughout the Gate Rune Wars by raiding tax convoys heading towards Gregminster. The mountain is also a host of aggressive giant ants. Bandits often lure government troops into antholes so they themselves don't have to fight.

Blue Moon's comment:
For those non-metric lieretrate folk, 470 metres is roughly 1450 feet.
Mt. Tigerwolf is the entry point to the treacherous Banner Mountains, and many monsters roam the mountain pass. The name, "Tigerwolf" was given by gold miners who wanted to scare others away from their treasure. Altitude is 500 metres. The mountain, however, is a host of the infamous Tigerwolf bandits.

Blue Moon's comment:
It's a mystery why no one thought it was suspicious to see an inn in the midst of this mountain.
Kwaba fortress was where the decisive battle took place during the Succession War. Since then, Ain Gide has been in charge of Kwaba. Kwaba remains to be an important wall of protection for Gregminster.

Blue Moon's comment:
The episode where Gremio beats Tir McDohl to get through the gate is taken from an old Japanese story called "Genpei Jyousuiki" ("Rise and fall of the Minamoto and Taira Clans"). Of course, you probably don't care.
The waterway that connects Lake Toran with the sea outside of Toran. This waterway functions as an important trade route. Shasarazade was built to protect this canal.

Blue Moon's comment:
Whoa, this canal had a name!?.
Gouran is an area that covers the east side of Toran, including the land from Seika to the Village of the Great Forest. This whole area is gifted with many fishing spots, and many fishermen live in this area. For that reason, the people who live in this area tend to have the fisherman's mentality--straightforward and brash. The climate of this area is cold due to prevailing winds blowing from the lake.

Blue Moon's comment:
The "Oriental" region of Toran.
Population: 1100
Seika is located south of Kwaba Fortress, and travelers heading to the Land of Arlus usually rest at Seika before they go onward. The house at the far end of this village is where Mathiu Silverberg lived before he joined the Liberation Army. He spent his days there teaching the village's children. The houses here have slate tiled roofings and stone walls like most other villages in Gouran.

Blue Moon's comment:
This village has nothing, but they can make money if they market the fact that Mathiu was recruited in this village. They should make "Mathiu Land" or something..."
Population: 2200
Kouan is a town located towards the south of Lake Toran. This was where the wealthy merchant, Lepant, lived. He was popular among people in Kouan, but he joined the Liberation Army after Kraze kidnapped Eileen. People in Kouan are proud of the fact that Lepant became the first president of the Toran Republic.

Blue Moon's comment:
What did Lepant sell to become a wealthy merchant?
Population: 900
Industry: Fishing
Kaku is a small fishing hamlet located beside Lake Toran. People wishing to travel on the lake usually come to Kaku because the experienced fishermen of the village often let travelers use their boats. The tavern here is teeming with fishermen and the casino in the basement is bustling with activity. The houses here are in the typical Gouran style, but the walls are baked.

Blue Moon's comment:
The "industry" section doesn't list "Gambling" for legal reasons. Seeing how Gaspar has infinate money and supplied millions of potch for the Toran Liberation Army, Gambling probably accounts for more than 90% of Toran's GDP.
Population: 1200
The Great Forest Village is the only entry-point into Moran Forest and towards Southeast Toran. The "Forest of Illusion" has prohibited anyone from entering the forest for centuries, but the passage has become passable after the destruction of Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves). The houses here have similar roofing to other houses in the Gouran area, but the houses are made from wood, making the interior cool during the summer. The item shop here has an incomplete second floor, but many travelers often try to go up their and wonder what secret lies there--when it fact there is none.

Blue Moon's comment:
YOU CAN'T GO UPSTAIRS IN THE JAPANESE VERION!!!! There, I said it! Also, what a boring name! I mean, if a city is located besides a salt lake, would you be so unoriginal to call it Salt Lake City?
The Old Toran Lake Castle was the headquarters for the Toran Liberation Army after the death of Odessa Silverberg. This castle was originally the Scarlet Moon Empire's naval base before Shasarazade was built. The castle was abandoned after the move, and lake pirates repeatedly claimed it as their hideout, but each time they were chased out by the Imperial Navy. However, because pirates always returned, Sonya Schulen summoned a zombie dragon and let it loose in the castle, which served its purpose by keeping pirates out (or by eating them). After the Liberation Army claimed the castle, the castle was heavily repaired, making it habitable for many more people. People who live around the area speak of how the castle grew as Liberation Army recruits increased. The castle was abandoned by the Liberation Army following the end of the war, but some people still live there.

Blue Moon's comment:
What kind of design is this? I mean, the fort looks somewhat man-made, but also formed naturally. Looks like another derivative of those Sarady plants.
Great Forest
The Great Forest has been a battlefield between different races since antiquity, but peace has existed for a long time after "The Great Contract" was signed between all the races. After the establishment of the Scarlet Moon Empire, the empire upheld the contract. However, fearing that the contract will be broken if revealed to other areas, the entire area was hidden from the humans by protective wards erected by the "Six Wise Men." This area suffered great losses during the Gate Rune Wars when Kwanda Rossman destroyed Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves) using the Burning Mirror. However, post-war reconstruction is seeing rapid progress due to the efforts of the new elven leader, Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaana. The climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
The demi-human section of Toran. Must be one hell of a place with not just three but six wise men in history. Or perhaps three wise men were just looking into the burning mirror, in which case they would literally be history, and can kiss goodbye to being "wise."
Population: 800
Industry: Metalworking
This village was built on an ancient tree called Lukiae Ende Towayo, and is said to have grown to this size by the combined magic of the Six Wise Men of the Forest. Living in forests from the ancient times, the elves started living on Lukiae Ende Towayo. However, the tree was destroyed along with the village by Kwanda Rosman's Burning Mirror. Only a few elves survived this calamity. The village is slowly rebuilding itself by the efforts of Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaarna.

Blue Moon's comment:
Lukiae Ende Towayo is a cruel tree that sheds all its leaves once every 60 years, forcing elves to wander around for a year before leaves grow again. But then again, why do the elves need the leaves?
Population: 3200
Industry: Weapons, Armor, Metals
The short but hardy dwarves live in this village. Due to the altitude, the area is pretty cold. The dwarves mine various ores from the mountains surrounding the area and use these to forge metals and metal works. The Dwarves make a living by trading these with Elves and Kobolds, but the trading itself is usually done by the few humans that live in the Great Forest. The dwarves also made armor and weapons from the abundant iron ore and sold them to the Scarlet Moon Empire. Thus, much of the strength of the Imperial Army could be credited to the superior arms forged by the dwarves. There are many famous craftsmen in dwarven history, but the most famous is Dowango. He was an expert as silver smithing, and the "silver feather" that he made is said to have floated in mid-air. The architecture in this village is unique, featuring a curved, circular roof with designs, and the house itself is cylindrical with round glass windows.

Blue Moon's comment:
Technology galore! With such technology, the dwarves should be ruling the world... I mean, the windfire cannon, burning mirror, fire spears, and other apocalyptical weaponry... How can this be possible?
Population: 1700
Industry: Agriculture
This is where the Kobolds--anthropomorphic canines--live. Kobolds tend to be cheerful and smaller in height compared to humans. Kobolds normally live as humble farmers, but are also hardy warriors in times of war. The current Mayor, Kuromimi, and the Vice-Mayor, Gon, were participants during the Gate Rune Wars and are well respected in the village. The houses in this village have steep, red roofings and are made of wood. Houses don't have windows, and somewhat resemble dog-houses.

Blue Moon's comment:
I'd hate to live here... I'm allergic to dogs for some reason.
The magic placed on the Forest of Illusion was woven by the "Six Wise Men of the Forest" after the Great Contract was signed between the races. Due to this magic and the Scarlet Moon Empire's policy of keeping the Great Forest a secret, common people did not know of the existence of dwarves, elves, and kobolds. The forest has been a haven for animals due to the magical ward, but the ward was broken after Lukiae Ende Towayo (Village of the Elves) was destroyed. Since then, humans have started to enter the forest.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place where players get to massacre kobolds for the first time.
A mountain pass that links the Great Forest region to the Village of the Dwarves. Odd pieces of advanced technology start to reveal themselves towards the exit of the pass.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place where players get to hunt some dwarves. Oddly the dwarves won't care even if you kill millions of these dwarves.
Dwarves are known to possess many arcane secrets and inventions, but tradition forces them to keep almost all of these hidden in the Dwarven Safe. Most of the inventions, however, are only left in the form of blueprints. The Burning Mirror that destroyed the Elven Village was one such invention. The Burning Mirror functions by collecting "Warmth" from the air and releasing it as "light," causing great destruction. In the deepest depth of the safe is said to lay "the weapon to be used in the end of the world," but due to the tendency of dwarves to exaggerate, most people don't believe this.

Blue Moon's comment:
One of the few awkward attempts of Suikoden at emulating Wild Arms.
Pannu Yakuta is the residence of generals who govern the Great Forest, and used to be the headquarters for Barbarossa during the Succession War. The castle is built on top of an old ruin--said to be Sindarin in origin.

Blue Moon's comment:
An odd castle with an odd background which would never be used in future plots. Oh yes, and odd name, too.
Situated south of Lake Toran, Kunan is an area filled with artisans and specialists such as physicians, engineers, and artists. This is mainly due to Milich Oppenheimer's extensive pro-art policy. The climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
The "Occidental" section of Toran.
Population: 6300
Industry: Trade
This flower-filled town was once called "Bier Blanche" due to Milich Oppenheimer's poilcy, but after the Gate Rune Wars, they went back to the old name. This town thrives on trade, and various specialists have their shops opened on the streets. The inn is spacious and always filled with travelers. Rose Brooches are a common souvenir for tourists. The buildings have ivory-white walls, which made Milich name this town "Bier Blanche."

Blue Moon's comment:
A town with serious child-labor issues. A 10 year old boy guards the gate while a 14 year-old girl dances can-can on stage--old men eagerly staring from below the stage. The Rune master barely wears any clothes, and those who make a living by forging documents and fabricating fake seals live as normal citizens. Strange women con jewelry from naive travellers, and strange men on the street ask to borrow money. You can't judge a town by its looks.
Population: 2300
Teien is a port town located at the southern edge of Lake Toran. It was once called "Lac Virginite" during a part of the Scarlet Moon Empire's rule. Rikon is south and Antei is west of here. Former liberation army members such as Gen and Kamandohl live here as well.

Blue Moon's comment:
There isn't much to say about this place. I'm tired of typing all this, I wanna rest! I havn't eaten either!! Grrrrr...
Population: 3500
Liukan used to run a clinic in Rikon. This town used to be called "Blumier L'Amour" during the final years of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Holly Masters often roam this area, carrying a mysterious urn that no appraiser could appraise.

Blue Moon's comment:
A town that is strangely boring despite how often you have to visit, especially to get Clive.
Garan is the only pathway between Kunan and Gouran. The fortress itself is built on a sturdy stone bridge, making it a very unique fortress.

Blue Moon's comment:
A fortress built on a bridge! What an original concept. Also a place most players go to first after they get their HQ so they can recruit Kai.
Built in IS 370, Scarleticia Castle was originally built as a frontline against Jowston. However, it's role as a frontline fortress ended after Moravia Castle was built. After that, this castle has become the traditional base of generals assigned to rule the Kunan area. Due to its relative safety, Scarleticia has become a bureaucratic center of Toran second to Gregminster. Since Milich Oppenheimer was assigned to govern Kunan, he has modified the castle to match his aesthetic taste. Milich has invited many artists in the region to be artists in residence at his castle. Towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Milich protected the castle with a giant poisonous rose given by Windy which he named Antoinette. The rose grew by the power of the "Black Rune," and posed a great threat to the Liberation Army. However, the Liberation Army successfully destoroyed the flower after an initial defeat.

Blue Moon's comment:
Built in IS 347, Soniere is the largest and most securely guarded prison in Toran. The prison was built by prisoners of Gaya Prison, which was destroyed after Soniere was completed. Soniere itself served as the Scarlet Moon Empire's maximum security prison for serious criminals and political prisoners. Most light criminals are sent to the Banner Mines for forced labor. Soniere Prison has been destroyed twice in its history. The first destruction happened when Jowston advanced far into Kunan, forcing the Imperial Army to retreat into Soniere. Soniere was burned down during the siege. The second destruction occured when the Master Thief, Wilbourne, led thouzands of his followers to revolt within the prison. Wilborune burned the prison down, and over 300 trapped prison guards and prisoners died in the blaze.

Blue Moon's comment:
A prison made by prison labor! If I was a prisoner who helped build it, I would have made some sort of fault for future use... Also famous for opal hunting.
Lorimar is a land laced with the legend of the Paladin, Kilft. The area lacks in industry, and most villages farm enough land to supply itself--reducing the need for trade. For that reason, many people in this area have never left Lorimar. The climate of this area is mild and warm.

Blue Moon's comment:
Yep, you guessed it, the "vampire" section of the game!
Population: 3300
Industry: Agriculture
The Warrior's Village was established by Klift the Paladin in IS 20. The villagers all claim to be descendants of Kilft, and all men of the village are warriors. Men from this village are well known as furious warriors, and the Scarlet Moon Empire often recruited men from this village. Klift himself is known in history as the only one who fought against Hikusaak of Harmonia to the end, and ultimately defended Lorimar from Harmonia. Out of respect for this heritage, the Scarlet Moon Empire has traditionally allowed the Warrior's Village to rule Lorimar.

Blue Moon's comment:
Feminists would have work to do here for sure.
An old temple located west of the Warrior's Village. No one knows how old the temple is, but it has existed previous to recorded history. The temple itself is not so much a place for religious ritual, but a place to train one's mind. The current guru of the temple is Fukien. It is said that Crowley, the wizard with 100 runes, resided within the caves behind the temple.

Blue Moon's comment:
Definately out-of-place, a buddhist temple located in the middle of vampire land. It's a cool place, but odd. Why are those doors on the side of the temple locked?
Fort Lorimar separates Lorimar from Kunan. The fortress has traditinally been the place for executions, but the populace was massacred by Neclord towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire's rule.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place with the odd history of being completely destroyed by its own magistrate--Neclord.
A castle built by Neclord towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Neclord was assigned as the general of Lorimar by Windy, but he actually never "governed" the area. Neclord "governed" by abducting girls from villages as his bride. The screams of many young women are said to have been heard from this gothic castle.

Blue Moon's comment:
The puzzle involving the paintings is what exposed me to online suikoden fandom for the first time back in 1997.
Population: 1
Industry: Senility
After getting disgusted with the world, Liukan withdrew far south of Lorimar in his own hermitage. He stayed there until he was abducted by Milich Oppenheimer.

Blue Moon's comment:
Yep, his house is actually located in the Lorimar area. He probably did that to evade taxes that he would have to pay in Kunan. Doctors always think of ways to save money, greedy bastards.
Rapids that exist towards the beginning of Dunan River. Average ships would be unable to navigate through these rapids--the currents are simply too powerful.

Blue Moon's comment:
Typical obstacles that require "item X" to get through.
Dragon's Knightdom
This area, isolated in the midst of mountains, is the residence of the famous Dragon Knights. The Dragon Knights have always been an independent state--free of control from other nations. However, they have always maintained their autonomy in exchange to service for other nations that controlled Toran, such as the Scarlet Moon Empire. The area itself is small and quite cold.

Blue Moon's comment:
A "What is an rpg without dragon knights" type of place.
Population: 3000
The fortress of Goya is the home of the 3000 dragon knights and their dragons. Other aspiring dragon knights and families of dragon knights also live here. Because dragon knights are chosen when they are very young, most of the residents never leave the fortress unless on a mission. Also, due to the autonomy granted to the Knightdom, many fugitives take up residence in Goya by the permission of the leader, Joshua Levenheit.

Blue Moon's comment:
How do they sustain themselves with no industry and all these huge beasts to feed?
A valley located so high that no human could reach it by foot. The valley is a trove of raw crystals--in fact, some of the crystals are known to be "alive." The valley is known for unique flora.

Blue Moon's comment:
Men wearing identical clothes of different colors are often sighted here...
A river that flows from the Seek Valley region all the way into Lake Toran, dividing Junan from Moravia on its way.

Blue Moon's comment:
Why does this river have a name?
This area is called as "The North" by the citizens of Toran. The name Dana is primarily used by those that live in Dunan. Dana is right in the middle of the trade route between Toran and Jowston, and many smugglers pass this area. The area is quite cold due to the higher altitiude and brisk winds from Lake Toran.

Blue Moon's comment:
This is one area that's hard to fit in a mold. Probably because it has only one real town.
Population: 15
Industry: Agriculture
Kalekka was the scene of the tragic "Kalekka Incident," where citizens were slaughtered by Jowston army invaders... or so states the official account. However, the truth is that the citizens were slaughtered by the Scarlet Moon Empire's own soldiers by the strategy of Leon Silverberg. Kalekka's main industry used to be the production of cotton, but all cottonfields were lost after the massacre. The Toran Republic continues to encourage citizens to move to Kalekka, but progress is slow. However, Kalekka has recovered enough to be able to export flour to Ryube.

Blue Moon's comment:
How many people stepped on Blackman's produce? Intentionally?
Population: 5800
Industry: Trade
Kirov is a port city that trades actively with foreign nations such as Jowston. It's position close to the northern border of Jowston and ready access to Lake Toran makes it an idea location for traders. Although the Scarlet Moon Empire forbade trade with other countries, many merchants in Kirov smuggled goods from Jowston and other neighboring nations. Kirov is also the residence of the famous chef, Lester, who is known for his famous recipe called "Marie's Chore."

Blue Moon's comment:
A strange town where people are running out of salt, soy sauce, soap, and various other mundane items. Sarah blocks an entire alley with her psychotic impulse to continue doing laundry day and night.
A weapons factory owned by the Liberation Army. The plant itself was run by Mose. The plant produced many weapons for the Liberation Army, but they are noted for the production of Fire Spears, which enabled the Liberation Army to defeat Teo McDohl's Armored Cavalry.

Blue Moon's comment:
A secret factory, which even bandits know how to get to. Looking at their facility, it doesn't seem like they have anything you can call process flow. I'd definately fail them if I had to do a QS 9000 audit!
Located within the Banner Mountains, the Banner Mines have been a source of iron ore for Toran. During the rule of the Scarlet Moon Empire, prisoners were sent here for forced labor. It is said that this included women and children as well. The forced labor stopped following the establisment of the Toran Republic, but the mine continues to produce the bulk of iron ore for the Republic.

Blue Moon's comment:
A place that is only spoken of in publications. If someone e-mails me about how to get there I will laugh at their sorry ass.
Senan is the frontline against the City States of Jowston. The area is 70% covered by the Karakas desert, and beyond the desert lies a great wall that separates the desert from the badlands. No sane traveler will attempt to cross the desert, but many battles have been fought in this area. Senan is also known to have been the place where the ancient magicians, Crowley and Mazus, had a duel. It is said that the very duel blew away a few mountains and created the desert and badlands. Senan is sparsely populated--having no cities. Only military personnel enter this area.

Blue Moon's comment:
The "desert land" portion of the game. They were obviously rushing the game when they made this area.
A small fort that serves as protection against invaders from the north from getting into Kunan. The Liberation Army is known to have gotten through this checkpoint easily by misinforming Scarlet Moon informers present within their army.

Blue Moon's comment:
Some people end up starting their game over after reaching here. This is because after you beat this place, proceed, and then use the blinking mirror before reaching Moravia Castle, it will look like thre is no was for you to return. The gate at the Northern Checkpoint does seem like it doesn't open at all. However, there actually is a gate that you can open if you look for it hard enough.
A relatively new castle built as a front against the City States of Jowston. The castle lacks in aesthetics due to its strictly functional purpose. Monsters roam within the castle as a measure against intruders.

Blue Moon's comment:
Monsters roaming around to protect the castle from intruders!? What about protection for the inhabitants?
A small fort located southwest from Moravia Castle. The Liberation Army lured the forces of Moravia to this fort by making it look like a bulk of their forces were attacking it.

Blue Moon's comment:
You'd think they would at least have an un-enterable building in Moravia representing this fort...
A small fort located south of Moravia Castle. A small force of the Liberation Army attacked this fort as a diversion for the main force's attack on Moravia Castle.

Blue Moon's comment:
Another "invisible" fortress that Mathiu manages to attack. However, that attack was also fake, so even if the fort actually didn't exist no one would ever know!