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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Shasarazade

Shasarazade is a fortress built right next to the channel that leads to Lake Toran. The fortress is the home to Sonya Schulen. Once, an odd incident happened where a wedding gown was pinned onto the walls of the fortress. This was actually a prank pulled off by Anji's Lake Pirates. Sonya had been very strict in arresting lake pirates, and Anji meant to tell Sonya to "you can never get married with that type of attitude." Shasarazade is often referred to as a "floating fortress," but the fortress itself is located on a small peninsula, and is not actually afloat. This place later becomes infamous as the site where Sanchez stabbed Mathiu Silverberg and lit the fort on fire while Tir McDohl was still fighting inside.

Blue Moon's comment:
Why the name? It seems to come from Shaharazade, a collection of Arabic folklore, but the spelling is off, and it has nothing to do woith the folklore. Sonya must have been smoking something in Sarady to think up this name.