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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Mt. Seifu

Mt. Seifu is 470 Metres high, and its name comes from the cold wind that blows from its summit (Seifu translates to "pure/clear wind"). The temperature is low on the mountain, making it famous for non-native flora and fungi. The mountain is very rugged with cliffs and caves--making it a favorite hideout for bandits throughout the ages. The Mt. Seifu bandits fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire throughout the Gate Rune Wars by raiding tax convoys heading towards Gregminster. The mountain is also a host of aggressive giant ants. Bandits often lure government troops into antholes so they themselves don't have to fight.

Blue Moon's comment:
For those non-metric lieretrate folk, 470 metres is roughly 1450 feet.