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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Soniere Prison

Built in IS 347, Soniere is the largest and most securely guarded prison in Toran. The prison was built by prisoners of Gaya Prison, which was destroyed after Soniere was completed. Soniere itself served as the Scarlet Moon Empire's maximum security prison for serious criminals and political prisoners. Most light criminals are sent to the Banner Mines for forced labor. Soniere Prison has been destroyed twice in its history. The first destruction happened when Jowston advanced far into Kunan, forcing the Imperial Army to retreat into Soniere. Soniere was burned down during the siege. The second destruction occured when the Master Thief, Wilbourne, led thouzands of his followers to revolt within the prison. Wilborune burned the prison down, and over 300 trapped prison guards and prisoners died in the blaze.

Blue Moon's comment:
A prison made by prison labor! If I was a prisoner who helped build it, I would have made some sort of fault for future use... Also famous for opal hunting.