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The Suikoden world is unique among many fantasy RPGs due to the fact that we have no idea how big the world is. Conflicts happen at local levels, and we do not get to see the other parts of the world. For that reason, it is difficult to ascertain the locations of the various nations. This is an attempt to give some information on the places you can visit in the Suikoden World.
Harmonia is the largest nation in the Suikoden world, not only by size but also by the vastness of its military and political power. Historically it is the oldest known nation in existence, officially created on the year 2 after Hikusaak defeated the Kingdom of Aronia. Hikusaak has been the head of state ever since with the aid of the Circle Rune. Thus, Hikusaak has been ruling Harmonia for the past four and a half centuries, feared by many as "The Absolute One."
Toran is a temperate region situated south of Dunan. This area used to belong to the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. In IS 230, a powerful aristocrat, Kranach "Knight of the Scarlet Moon" Rugner proclaimed independence from Harmonia during a civil war. The Scarlet Moon Empire was thus formed, and ruled the area for the next two centuries until Emperor Barbarossa Rugner was ousted by rebels in the Gate Rune Wars in IS 457. The area is currently ruled by the Toran Republic.
The Island Nations Federation, much like Grassland, is a loose decentralized group of islands to the south of the area that was the Scarlet Moon Empire. During the Island Liberation War, they unified to repel the Kooluk Empire for the first time, and formed the Island Nations Federation.
Dunan is a temperate region situated north of Toran and East of the Grasslands. Northern Dunan is occupied by the Highland Kingdom, which has the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia as its northern neighbor.
The Grasslands is home to several different tribes of people, known as the Six Clans of Grassland. Alma Kinan, Chisha, Duck, Karaya, Lizard, and Safir. The government is very decentralized and confederated: The trives are allies and help each other; they interact on a daily basis, but there is no central government to rule them all; the Karayan tribe governs Karayan land, the Lizards govern Lizards, and et cetera.
A mercantilistic nation that used to be a part of Grassland, but seceded from Grassland to form a new nation 20 years prior to Suikoden III. Headed by an elected senate, trade and merchants are encouraged. Zexen has advanced further then the Grasslands, but they are regarded by Harmonia as little more then an offshoot of a Grassland tribe. The military forces of Zexen are separated into private teams managed by the Council, but the most well-known is the Knights of Zexen, headed by the majestic Six Knights.
Falena, the only known Queendom in the world, is located on a continent south of the Island Nations. It is separated into regions by its main geographical feature, the Feitas River, which is used as the easiest method of traversing the Queendom. It is surrounded by mysterious countries such as its oft-enemy, Armes, and Nagarea, of which little is known. The site of Suikoden V.
The Koolulk empire is located directly south of the Scarlet Moon Empire, and directly north of the Island Nations Federation. Kooluk has always been enemies with the Scarlet Moon Empire, and the Gaien Dukedom. The king has a rather weak grip on the military and can be convinced to go along with many nefarious plans from within, which ended up leading to its demise.
There are many other locations known about in the Suikoden world. Some are merely very small and do not justify their own page while others may be large; we do not know as no details of their size or content has yet been revealed. Until such information is revealed what we do know about these places can be found here.