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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Scarleticia Castle

Built in IS 370, Scarleticia Castle was originally built as a frontline against Jowston. However, it's role as a frontline fortress ended after Moravia Castle was built. After that, this castle has become the traditional base of generals assigned to rule the Kunan area. Due to its relative safety, Scarleticia has become a bureaucratic center of Toran second to Gregminster. Since Milich Oppenheimer was assigned to govern Kunan, he has modified the castle to match his aesthetic taste. Milich has invited many artists in the region to be artists in residence at his castle. Towards the end of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Milich protected the castle with a giant poisonous rose given by Windy which he named Antoinette. The rose grew by the power of the "Black Rune," and posed a great threat to the Liberation Army. However, the Liberation Army successfully destoroyed the flower after an initial defeat.

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