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Dunan : South Window

Population: 9000
Industry: Tourism, commerce

Southwindow is a fortified city with much history. Having been the capital of the Dunan Monarchy, it is actually the oldest city in Dunan. The city is rich in culture, with many different types of artwork being traded in the market. It is also the first city visited by travelers from Toran, which makes Southwindow one of the busiest cities in Jowston.

During the Dunan Unification War, Southwindow defeated and occupied by Solon Jhee, who executed mayor Granmeyer. Southwindow was won back by the new Allied Army, but fell again to Kiba Windamier, taken back again, and fell again to Luca Blight. After the death of Luca Blight, Southwindow enjoys peace.

Blue Moon's comment:
This city changes owners so often that no sane person would want to be living here. Not many people know that the Darkness Rune goes on sale here later in the game."