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Scarlet Moon/Toran : Lukiae Ende Towayo

Population: 800
Industry: Metalworking

This village was built on an ancient tree called Lukiae Ende Towayo, and is said to have grown to this size by the combined magic of the Six Wise Men of the Forest. Living in forests from the ancient times, the elves started living on Lukiae Ende Towayo. However, the tree was destroyed along with the village by Kwanda Rosman's Burning Mirror. Only a few elves survived this calamity. The village is slowly rebuilding itself by the efforts of Kirkis Shana Ques Laviankaarna.

Blue Moon's comment:
Lukiae Ende Towayo is a cruel tree that sheds all its leaves once every 60 years, forcing elves to wander around for a year before leaves grow again. But then again, why do the elves need the leaves?