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Star: N/A

Origin: Stormfist

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Queen's Knight

Born: IS 420

Death: IS 450

Zahhak is a cold, logical, seemingly unfeeling knight who often stresses the importance of duty over everything else. Zahhak is a distant relative of the Godwin family. In fact, it was Lord Godwin himself who recommended Zahhak to the position of Queen's Knight. Along with Ferid and Galleon, he was one of the few Queen's Knight who remained in service after the Armes invasion, the other Queen's Knights having either perished or were too wounded to remain in active duty.

Zahhak is very formal and polite, often showing no emotion at all, with everyone he meets. When asked by Ferid to express his views openly, he believes that Ferid himself is being too much of an ideal thinker. Falena needs Queen's Knights ready to act upon the will of Queen Arshtat, but the knights cannot agree, particularly Kyle and Alenia, the former of which Zahhak criticizes for expressing open discontent with the monarch. Zahhak expresses to the Prince that the best way to do something is not always the ideal one.

Zahhak does not join the royal family in Stormfist, nor does he accompany the Prince on Lym's engagement rites. When he is told about what happened in Lunas, though, he believes Lun and Logg should have been publicly executed, and Raja held accountable for their crimes.

During the engagement banquet, Zahhak mentions that strengthening ties to Godwin would be beneficial fo the royal family's strength. When the Godwin coup happens, Zahhak sides with the Godwin family along with Alenia, preventing Lym from escaping the palace.

Zahhak is entrusted with the option of destroying the rebels after the Prince and Lady Sialeeds make their own army and split from Lord Barows. Zahhak drafts and taxes to fund the army, but he allows those like Orok to collect them for him. When Zahhak nears Lelcar to pick up recruits, he learns the Prince is in town and orders his troops to advance, regardless of a deal Zahhak made to not invade. Zahhak's reason is that Falena's interests must come before Lelcar's, and Falena's interests are to destroy the rebels.

Zahhak's army is losing the battle in Lelcar, so he orders the knights to set fire to the western islet, to throw the Prince's army into disarray and buy Zahhak and his forces time to escape. This is where Zahhak reveals his calculating, almost megalomaniacal viewpoints, shocking Kyle immensely.

Zahhak serves as one of Lym's bodyguards during the Queen's Campaign. He sees through Roy's plot, but is stuck arguing with Kyle and cannot reach Lym before the Prince does.

Zahhak recognizes his position as Queen's Knight and takes it very seriously. He does not overstep his bounds and revise any agreements between Godwin and Armes when Commander Sparna asks for a better deal. He also chides her for denying Lymsleia's ascension to the throne by calling the Prince by his title.

Scaling back to Sol-Falena even before Armes is defeated, Zahhak tries to defend Sol-Falena with Alenia, but falls before the Prince. As a last ditch effort, he attempts to use Raging Nostrum to prevent the Prince from entering the Sun Palace, the only duty the Knight has left to perform. He fails, and perishes due to the drug.

Among the shades seen in the Sun Rune is Zahhak. Along with the others, he salutes the Prince wordlessly. - Matt 620 (articles), Basel (image)