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Star: N/A

Origin: Sol-Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Queen

Born: IS 439

Death: N/A

The young princess and Heir Apparent of Falena, Lymsleia Falenas is a cheerful, energetic young girl who is utterly devoted to her family. Like most young children, she is loud, brash, and hyperactive. She enjoys the company of the Prince, her big brother, most of all.

When she was younger, Lym actually looked down upon her older brother, because he could not inherit the throne. However, despite this, the Prince still cared about his little sister. When she was older, she realizes how mean she was and treats him better.

Whenever the Prince leaves, Lym will nag endlessly on when he will get back, much to Ferid's chagrin. When he returns, she tromps the halls screaming his name until she finds him.

The first thing Lym does with her brother when he returns from Lordlake is to check the list of applicants for the Sacred Games. While in the Senate, they meet Salum Barows, a man who Lym initially finds very distasteful. She detects instantly that Salum had his speech rehearsed, and doesn't trust him. Sialeeds marvels at this, and thinks Lym has little to worry about from him if she can see that just at their first meeting.

In Stormfist, Lym is taken aback by the violence of the Sacred Games. Even though the weapons used in the tournament don't have real blades, and so, no one will be hurt severely, the sight of such behavior makes Lym feel queasy. Arshtat tells Lym that she must stay and watch the whole thing, as the men are down there fighting for her. She may not have asked them to do it, but those type of things are what she must do because of her position. She accepts this logic, and stays until the end.

After the Sacred Games, Lym accompanies the Prince and Sialeeds to the East Palace and to Lunas. She is angered by Zerase's insults while at the Palace, and tries to catch her, but the lady disappeared without a trace. At Lunas, Lym undergoes some meditation excerises and a purifying ritual which is much like a cold-water bath. After this, Lym is sent back to Sol-Falena with Miakis while the Prince and Sialeeds handle things in Raftfleet. Lym is not happy she splits with her brother, but Sialeeds insists and Lym capitulates.

During the engagement banquet, even Lym can tell everyone's smiles are fake, and the Godwins are planning something. Because Godwin was planning to use Lym as a puppet Queen, she was safe from the assassins. However, she was unable to flee the palace, despite being defended by both Miakis and Galleon, because Zahhak and Alenia, two of the Queen's Knights, sided with the Godwins and prevented her from getting away.

Lym was confined to her room following the takeover, and Miakis was kept with her. She refused to sleep after the long night, because if she saw her late parents in her dreams, she would cry, and if she cried, then she would be admitting defeat to the Godwins. She peays that her big brother, who escaped successfully, would come back and save her.

Lym is brought to the Sealed Room to attempt to bear the Sun Rune. She plans on incinerating Gizel with it, but the Rune does not allow itself to be attached to her, even with Jeane trying to attach it.

Lym knows that, once she is crowned Queen, the Godwins will use her position to gain power. She attempts to stall the coronation ceremony, but when Gizel threatens the lives of Miakis and her maids, Lym gives in. Although Miakis protests, Lym states that, from the day she was born, she was destined to be the Queen. She cannot allow the people whom she serves as monarch come to harm if she can prevent it.

Lym knows that she doesn't have a whole lot of power over Gizel, but that doesn't stop her from being smarmy and reveling in his misfortune. After his constant failures to defend the towns of Falena, and how many of them join the Prince, she decides the only way to stop the war is to ride out and stop it herself. She mentions that, as Queen, she has a duty to the people she serves, and must end the war, with as few lives lost, as possible,

That, though, is only the reason she states to Gizel, Alenia, and Zahhak. In reality, she wants to escape from her husband, and believes the best way to get away from him is to ride into battle. There, in the confusion, she can "separate" herself from her bodyguards, and then her brother can "kidnap" her and rescue her. Her plan, and it goes very well, until Sialeeds betrays the Prince and returns Lym to the Sun Palace.

When the Prince's army advances on Sol-Falena, Gizel orders Lym to leave the palace, but she won't. Initially, she thinks it's because Gizel doesn't want her to see him lose, but Gizel tells her she's going to see something she shouldn't. Still, Lym refuses.

When the Prince, Lyon, and Miakis enter the throne room, Lym is seated, waiting for them. Lym isn't afraid of Gizel, despite the fact that he has a sword pointed dangerously close to her. He would have fled already if he could. When he tells her his plan might be to kill her in front of her brother, she pushes him aside, telling him that a proud man like him would never commit such a heinous act. Gizel is impressed, and mentions to Lym he underestimated her.

After Gizel is fatally wounded, Lym and her brother embrace for the first time in a long time. But there is little time to relax, as Marscal has taken the Sun Rune away with him to the Ashtwal Mountains. Although Lym initially just wants to be rid of the Sun Rune, Zerase reminds her that it is so powerful, that the royal family must protect it so that it is never used improperly.

After the Sun Rune is returned, Lym abolishes the Senate and creates a parliament with representatives from each town, the beavers and dwarves gaining a voice. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)