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Star: N/A

Origin: Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Queens Knight

Born: IS 425

Death: IS 450

One of the only prominent female Queen's Knights, who comes from a family of soldiers. Her father served as a Queen's Knight under Falzrahm, and trained his young daughter to follow in his footsteps. Alenia has been a staunch supporter of the Godwins and their policy for creating a strong Falena, a fact of which she was never afraid to show. According to her, the people of Lordlake got what they deserved from Arshtat and the Sun Rune (a move the Godwins supported). So much she believes in the Godwins that, along with Zahhak, she turned against the Queen and Prince and helped the Godwins usurp the throne, and becomes one of Gizel's most trusted generals. Alenia even bore the Twilight Rune for a short time, with the help of the runemistress Jeane, whom Gizel sought to help with the Falenan runes. However, as she was not a host chosen by the rune itself, she could not properly harness its power or even control it, as was shown in the siege of Doraat. Seeing the danger, Gizel soon relieved her of the task of bearing it. She continues fighting for the Godwins (mainly Gizel) to her last breath, taking Raging Nostrum (a Nether's Gate-developed drug that sends the user into a raging battle fury, greatly increasing strength, but causing the user to die soon after) in a last-ditch, however futile, effort to stop the Prince's advance into the throne room where the Queen and Gizel awaited. - KoRnholio (article), Basel (image)