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Star: Tengou

Origin: Somewhere along the Feitas

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Naval Commander

Born: IS 391

Death: N/A

The leader of Raftfleet and old acquaintance of Lady Sialeeds, "Admiral" Raja was the Commander of the Royal Navy until a few years back, hence why everyone calls her Admiral.

Born the daughter of a fisherman, Raja joined the Navy when she was just a girl, and rose quickly in rank. She rose so quickly, everyone called her "Hurricane Raja." Queen Olhazeta appointed her Commander of the Royal Navy, where she taught a bevy of followers. One of them was Bahram Luger, who looked down upon her because she was a commoner. However, once he saw her in action, he immediately rallied behind her.

Along with Queen's Knight Commander Ferid, Dragon Cavalry Commander Craig Laden, and tactician Lucretia Merces, Raja was instrumental in repelling the forces of Armes during their invasion. After the war, things calmed down. Soon, Raja retired, spending long days in Raftfleet.

The first time the Prince met Raja was when Logg and Lun, two Raftfleet residents, were discovered stealing gold dust from Lunas, a capital offense. Sialeeds decides to negoitate directly with Raja, and brought the Prince there so the two could meet. Raja greeted the Prince warmly, and invited the Prince to look around her town.

Raja met the Prince again after the Godwin coup. He had allied with Lord Barows and was seeking the aid of Raftfleet to fight the Godwins. Although Raja wouldn't have objected to fighting alongside the Prince, she did not trust Lord Barows in the slightest. She knows that the Prince needed Lord Barows's protection now, but cautioned him not to let that alliance stay for long.

While the Prince was gone rescuing Lucretia Merces from jail, General Bahram Luger, Commander of the Royal Navy after Raja's retirement, delivered an ultimatum to Raftfleet. They must surrender their autonomy and swear fealty to the future Queen, Lymsleia. Raja refused, knowing it was just a Godwin bid for power. The Prince showed up with Lucretia, and he joined his army with Raftfleet to repel Luger's assault. After this, Raja pledges her support to the Prince's cause.

Raja deals with most of the battles for the Prince on the Feitas, such as attacking Hatred Fortress, and sending troops to Lelcar, Doraat, Stormfist, and finally to Sol-Falena dam. After the war ends, she retires just as plans for naval reform come out. Raja gives her position to Kisara, and spends the rest of her days in peace. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the defense of Raftfleet.