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Star: Tenki

Origin: Karaya

Events: New Armes Invasion, Sun Rune War

Position: Tactician

Born: IS 418

Death: N/A

A legendary tactician of Falena, Lady Lucretia Merces is a talented woman who placed everyone in awe when she worked behind the scene to end the Armes invasion.

Lucretia was born in Grassland. One of her first memories was that of the Flame Champion's True Fire Rune going out of control and burning the Grassland. She studied military strategy in Harmonia, and was brought back to Falena by Lord Marscal Godwin, when she became in strategist. Initially, people thought of her as his mistress, until they saw just how good of a strategist she was.

During the Lordlake uprising and the subsequent theft of the Dawn Rune, she suspected that Lord Barows had something to do with it. But she was worried more about Lord Godwin, and that he would move against the Sun Rune. So Lucretia betrayed Marscal and advised Arshtat of Marscal's plans. Lucretia advised Arshtat to bear the Sun Rune herself to prevent Marscal from getting his hands on it, despite the fact that Lucretia knew of the damage it would cause Arshtat personally. Because of this, Sialeeds cares very little for the strategist.

Marscal was incensed at her betrayal, and ordered her to be exceuted immediately. However, Arshtat interevened and arrested Lucretia first to prevent her from being killed.

Lucretia spent the next two years in prison, where she won over the hearts of the two guards watching her: Cius and Lelei. Those two gave her news of the outside world, and she realized the Godwin takeover of Falena. She anticipated that someone would move after her, whether it would be a Godwin force to exterminate her, or someone who sought her aid, she couldn't know for certain. But it was the Prince who found her first. She accepted his offer to become his strategist without him even mentioning it, although she warned him that if he ever does something that is wrong, she will betray him just like she did to Lord Godwin.

Lucretia quickly applied herself to stop the Godwins, starting with repelling General Luger's fleet from attacking [Raftleet], and moving on to expose Lord Barows as the fraud and manipulative snake he was. She also realizes the boundaries she has placed upon her: She cannot be too vicious and kill many people, because many of Godwins soldiers are draftees, and applies herself with those stringent controls in mind. Lucretia shows a high aptitude in all aspects of strategy, ranging from a fierce offensive campaign to destroy Hatred Fortress and bring water back to Lordlake, to a massive defense strategy when the Prince's army is on three separate fronts.

Lucretia talks with Sialeeds after her defection and defeat at Sol-Falena. She sees right through Sialeeds's plan with the dam, although the royal dislikes Lucretia so much that she wouldn't admit it. Sialeeds asks Lucretia to watch over her nephew, but Lucretia responds that she heard her the first time she asked. After the royal's death, Lucretia realizes that, after the war ends, the Prince will no longer need her guidance.

After the war, Lucretia is considered the top choice for the land's Prime Minister. But instead, she disappears into the night. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after she is rescued from Agate Prison.