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Star: N/A

Origin: Highland

Events: Dunan Unification War

Position: Prince/King

Born: IS 434

Death: IS 460

Luca is the son of Agares and Sara Blight. He was known as the Mad Prince, and generally feared for his unmatched cruelty and bloodlust. His inextinguishable anger was caused by an incident when the entourage of Highland Royalty was ambushed by ruffians. Agares fled. Sara pushed Luca out of the carriage, and continued riding towards the ruffians herself in order to distract their attention and allow Luca time to escape. Sara was raped by the ruffians; however, Luca did not discover that until later when eavasedropping on those same ruffians, in the town of Kyaro. After learning that the ruffians were hired by Muse, he harbors lasting resentment towards the Jowston Alliance; and also toward his father who fled, leaving Luca and Sara to the ruffians. The only person in Highland who Luca allows to speak equally with him is his sister Jillia, who resembles Sara.

Just before Highland started invading Jowston, Luca Blight was given complete control over the Highland Military as Agares stepped down to take responsibility for the cease fire he signed with Jowston.

However, Luca took this as a chance to start another war with Jowston; and this time he was ready to use the Beast Rune, which has been passed along the Blight bloodline. He first set up the Unicorn Brigade Massacre to validate a war on Jowston. Then he rushed into Muse and cunningly plotted Anabelle's death by convincing Jowy Atreides, who was a member of a mercenary group hired by Muse, to assassinate her. He then sacked Muse and quickly took over Radat, Coronet, South Window and Greenhill (with the help of Jowy Atreides). Then, with Jowy Atreides' help, he assassinated Agares and became King. He then led his White Wolf Army to destroy the Allied Forces. He is initially unstoppable, but due to the strategic cooperation between Leon Silverberg, Shu and Jowy Atreides, Luca Blight was ambushed during a night raid by the strongest fighters of the Allied Forces and was killed in the end. - Blue Moon