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Star: Tenhei

Origin: Gordius Village

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Dragon Cavalry

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Lance is a male dragonhorse, and the mount of Roog. Like his master, Lance has a angry temperament, and whenever Roog is not around, he tends to go wild, as he did to Mohsen when the armorer wanted to gather measurements to fit dragon horses with lighter armor to prevent more casualities by arrows.

Lance was always stubborn, even as a foal. Rumor has it, he wouldn't let anyone go near him. Roog tussled with Lance for a full day to prove himself worthy rider. Never was there a more perfect pair: Roog and Lance are a lot alike, according to Rahal.

The only thing that Roog and Lance differ on is eating. Lance is a finnicky eater, eating only fresh, fat fish. After the war, he joins Roog when he leads up the Sol-Falena Dragon Brigade. He also fathers an egg with Flail. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the events in Gordius Village (or after the events that follow choosing not to flee HQ when it is attacked).