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Star: N/A

Origin: Crystal Valley

Events: None

Position: Vice-Commander of the Temple Guards

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Lena is a member of the noted Suphina family and a Vice-Commander of the Harmonian Temple Guards. She is technically the aunt of Nash Latkje, although she is only two years older than him. Since her childhood, she acted like a boy and Nash was her best friend.

She kept up with her fencing and horseback-riding enough to gain her a position within the Harmonian Temple Guards. She quickly moved up the ranks and became the Vice-Commander under the direct service of the High Priest Sasarai.

After Nash killed Zaj, she helped Julie by allowing her to stay within the Suphina household. She acted like a sister to her after Nash disappears to the fringes of Harmonia. When Nash returned to Caleria following a long journey to Dunan and the Grasslands, she helped Nash escape certain death at the hands of Barge (who was manipulated by Zaj). She then allowed Nash to move about freely within Harmonia by asking Sasarai to interfere with politics so that anti-Latkje factions would not try to harm him. - KoRnholio