Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
441 - New Armes Invades Falena
Queen Falzrahm of Falena dies of natural causes. The New Armes Kingdom invades Falena after the new queen, Arshtat, takes the throne. However, they are driven back by the strategy and diplomacy of Arshtat, the Commander of the Queen's Knights, Ferid, and Lucretia Merces.
449-450 - Sun Rune War
Arshtat is killed by the Queen's Knight Georg Prime, although this was actually the result of a coup by the Godwin faction. Lymsleia, her daughter, is crowned Queen, under the supervision of the Godwins. The Prince and the Queen's sister, Sialeeds, escaped the capital and regroup under the protection of Salum Barows in Rainwall, and form an army to depose the Godwins, now in complete control of the Falenan Army, beginning what is referred to on this site as the 'Sun Rune War'. The throne now pursues a 'Falena for Falenans' policy, involving the subjugation of various cultures like Raftfleet, and the extermination of demihumans. The various groups in Falena unite against the reigning Godwins, and they are deposed. Now in complete control, Queen Lymsleia abolishes the corrupt Senate and creates a parliament system, with representatives from each town, regardless of race.
New Armes Kingdom
Claiming to be the descendants of the Ancient Armes Dynasty which once ruled the lands of the Southern Continent, the New Armes Kingdom has established themselves as a challenger to Falena's dominance on the contininent. The nation's leadership is composed of five clans, which act almost as political parties. Different clans may hold varying levels of power depending on the Council of Chieftains.

New Armes invaded Falena following the death of the Falenan Queen, Falzrahm, in IS 441, hoping that the transitional period and weakened foe would be the perfect time to invade. However, they were repulsed by the maneuverings of the new Queen, Arshtat, her Commander, Ferid, and their strategist, Lucretia.

During the Sun Rune War, even though the king, Jalat, hailed from the moderate Ishvaak clan, the hardline Darja clan held great influence over the Southern Mountain Corps, and its leader, Maha Sparna, and were able to mount two invasions of Falena: The first involving a secret deal with the Barows family, the second involving a not-so-secret deal with the Godwin family, both with the promise of territory for Armes (and both unsuccessful). The second invasion was 'supported' by the Western Marine Corps, although its leader, Shula Valya, of the moderate Madras Clan, had no intention of fighting. In fact, his army was only there to keep an eye on the Southern Mountain Corps.

Upon the defeat and humiliation of the Southern Mountain Corps for the second time, Armes officially adopts a more friendly stance towards Falena (now under new leadership) and prosperous trade ensues, which had been the intention of many in power in Armes in the first place. King Jalat even encourages the chief Falenan reporter, Taylor, to expose corruption in the hardline clans.

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