<< Nalkul Nalleo Namna >>

Star: Chiken

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Pirate-in-Training

Born: IS 290

Death: N/A

Nalleo was born to Louise and an unknown father, but has been raised by one of his mother's friends, Dario, for a reason unknown to him. In fact, he is not aware of either his mother being Louise or his father not being Dario. He joins the anti-Kooluk forces with Dario, and becomes good friends with Rakgi on the ship.

Nalleo learns the trade of being a pirate from Dario, but to his father's annoyance, tries to emulate almost every aspect of his character.

Working with his father under Kika, Nalleo travels to Kooluk with Kyril to stamp out the remaining rune cannons, and then returns to pirate life. - KoRnholio