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The Protector
The Protector
I had always wanted to draw more of the Queen´s Knights; they had personality, were unique, and not to mention very well dressed. Out of the women, my favorite has always been spunky yet mature Miakis. She struck me as an enigmatic character and surprised me with the duality of her personality, and was an obvious choice as a subject for this portrait.

- monosomy

see monosomy's website

Suikoden Card Stories Cards List Updated Again

Card Stories

The cards list for the physical Suikoden Card Stories has been updated with all 790 cards from Chapter 2.

The list includes their ID#, translations of card titles, class and the Booster Pack they came in.

A separate list of the promotional cards of Chapter 1 has also been made.

Suikoden Card Stories Chapter 2 Cards List

Suikoden Card Stories Chapter 1 Promo Cards

Suikoden Card Stories Cards List Updated

Card Stories

The cards list for the physical Suikoden Card Stories Chapter 1 has been updated with all 556 cards.

The list includes their ID#, translations of card titles, class and the Booster Pack they came in.

The release information for Suikoden Tactics has also been updated with an image of the Promo version.

Suikoden Card Stories Chapter 1 Cards List

Suikoden Tactics Release Information

New Suikoden III Guide

A combined Initial Equipment / Rune Slots guide.

This replaces the old Rune Slots guide.

Initial Equipment / Rune Slot List

New Suikoden II Guides

Pixie Two new Suikoden II guides, including the mystery solved which data can actually imported by loading a Suikoden I save.

Suikoden II Initial Equipment / Rune Slot List

Suikoden II Bonuses From Suikoden 1 Data

The Suikoden Revival Movement

With a the PS4 having just been announced and the last numbered Suikoden game being a PS2 title it seems as if Suikoden is in a bit of a slump. Some of the members of this forum have taken Project Rainfall as inspiration to start their own movement to get Suikoden back on its feet.

The gaming media has taken notice and a few articles have been written on them and the  movement:

Kotaku 1

Kotaku 2


If you too want to do something to try and get a true Suikoden game in production visit their page on Facebook or their twitter account:

Facebook Page

Twitter Page


You can also visit and post in the Suikoden Revival thread here at Suikosource:
Suikoden Revival Thread

Suikoden II Demo FAQ

This guide is just a small FAQ/Walkthrough by JohnathanLSawyer for the demo of Suikoden II, and you will be able to see all that the demo offers.

Suikoden II Demo Walkthrough

New Guides
New In-Depth Analyses

Suikoden I & II Two new In-Depth Analyses, one for the PSP re-releases and one for the demo version of Suikoden II.

Suikoden I & II PSP Comparison Guide

Suikoden II Demo

Interview with Miki Higashino

The composer of Suikoden I and II, Miki Higashino, gave an interview to Square Enix Music Online. In it, she talks about her life and work as a composer, her approach to composition, and experiences working on several different games (including the Suikoden series).

It's a great interview (kudos to Chris Greening). Read it and discuss on the forums!

New Suikoden game announced for PSP

Just announced today at the Tokyo Game Show 2011! I apologize if the source of the info is not very good, as there has been a flood of posts all over the fan communities. Pesmerga at suikox put together a nicely organized post... translates the game’s title as Genso Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century. duckroll at suikox translate it as Suikoden: Centennial Tapestry.

Based on the information, the game will likely follow the same story mechanics of Tierkreis (hundreds of worlds, Mark of the Stars).

"Konami’s Suikoden Team Disbanded"

While conducting an interview on 4gamer for their new upcoming RPG Frontier Gate a couple Konami employees stated that they were designing Frontier Gate from scratch as they had previously disbanded their Suikoden team and had therefore lost all their RPG-creation know-how.

Needless to say this is grim news for the Suikoden community. But, it does not mean a new team cannot take over the Suikoden name later. Konami has done this before with other franchises, such as Silent Hill. There is also still the possibility of re-releases of existing content and side projects, such as the Pachislot machine.

You can discuss your feelings further on our forums.

Updated and New Guides

Holly Papa The Suikoden II Stat Growth Guide was completely redone and several errors were fixed in the process:

Suikoden II Stat Growth

In addition to that, new guides were made for Suikoden IV and V:

Suikoden IV Unite Attacks

Suikoden V Armor Sets

Suikoden V Old Books

Suikoden V Oboro's Investigations

New Guides

Skeleton I've done a complete list of all war battle and permanent death quotes in Suikoden I. Most of these quotes are not available within normal gameplay, due to the fact that the majority of characters cannot die, so expect some lines you have never seen before!

Suikoden I War Battle & Death Quotes

And another listing made by Raww Le Klueze for Suikoden V: The locations and prices of all available antiques.

Suikoden V Antiques

Suikoden IV Pachislot Machine Announced

Konami released video of a new pachislot machine based on Suikoden IV. Lazlo (Razro), Kika, Sigurd, and Hervey are featured in the trailer.

Source: Siliconera, thanks to Gunloc for posting this in the forums.

New Guides

Nightmare Raww Le Klueze made some new guides, based on the information we had on the forums for Suikoden V:

Suikoden V Initial Equipment

Suikoden V Armor List

Suikoden V Miscellaneous Item List

Suikoden - Saturn Comparison Guide

Suikoden - Saturn In 1998, 3 years after the original release, the first Suikoden was ported to the Sega Saturn, though not made by the same team it is considered a sort of Director's Cut version of Suikoden due to the game having some additional items and storylines. This guide, made by Raww Le Klueze, will show you all known and verified differences.

Saturn Comparison Guide

Suikoden II Various Quotes

Suikoden II contains lots of text passages you will most likely never see, even after several playthroughs. Raww Le Klueze extracted all the lines spoken by optional characters which you bring along at the Tinto Escape Scene and L'Renouille Castle.

Tinto Escape Quotes

After Beast Rune Quotes

Suikoden $3 on NA Playstation Store

Sony is running an event on the North American Playstation Store commemorating the 15th anniversary of Playstation. As part of this, the original Suikoden is on sale for half price, or $3! If you haven't picked this up yet, do so and let them know that the series can still sell. edit: Suikoden is available on the North American Playstation store, not the EU store. Thanks to Raww Le Klueze for pointing this out. Discuss

Murayama Considering Offer from a Certain Company

Yoshitaka Murayama, the creator of the Suikoden series, has stated on his site that he has received an offer from a company. Its speculated to be Konami, and its hard to argue against the notion that he's definitely implying Konami. I've created a topic on our forums to discuss it. Discuss Source: I first read it at NeoGAF, though you can read his actual post in Japanese on his site: Blue Moon Studio

Suikoden Tierkreis Re-Release

Suikoden Tierkreis is being re-released in Japan, under the Konami The Best collection, a budget line. A limited edition will also be available, with the following items:

  • Suikoden Tierkreis (Konami the Best version)
  • Original soundtrack (CD + DVD)
  • The genuine bible of Genso Suikoden Tierkreis
  • Book cover
  • 5 character bookmarks - Drama CD

Source: Siliconera

New Guides + Suikoden II Walkthrough

Take a look at all possible Ending Lines for the first three games so far. These are extracted right from the disc:
Suikoden I Endings Guide
Suikoden II Endings Guide
Suikoden III Endings Guide

Old Book content for Suikoden I and II:
Suikoden I Old Books Guide
Suikoden II Old Books Guide

And Aardwolf_Zy made a whole new walkthrough for Suikoden II in the style of his first guide, with checklists ensuring you won't miss a single item. We consider this one as the best walkthrough for this game available:
Suikoden II Walkthrough

Runes Listing

5 Runes

  • Compare all runes of the suiko universe. Look up how they evolve during all games they participate in, which were changed due to gameplay reasons or story issues, which re-appear at later games and how rare they are in each game when it comes to collecting.
  • All runes I can think of are listed, may it be true runes, minor stat modifiers or ones only relevant in the story.
  • Runes are sorted in Magic, Command, Effect, Special (story only) and Pieces.
  • Articles support the runes in several questions, including relationships to the suiko universe, gameplay tips, rarities etc.
  • Official images can be found, that is if any exist.
  • The gameplay charts are made from the scratch by testing recently and lists I made myself long ago. Only a small part is taken from info we had already on the site and in the forums. I did a lot of testing with elements and functionality of spells and effects in the games for that. Even some in-game descriptions were flawed (in particular in S2 ...), you'll find the correct information in here.
  • Gameplay information is as accurate as possible. There are only a few white spots when it was hard to detect a precise number (like percentages of some effects not given in the game itself).
  • Includes all effects, sources and wielders.
  • Trying to collect all runes in every game? This will definitely make your life easier!
Visit the Runes Database!