<< Nadir Nakil Nakula >>

Star: Chiyu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

A scout for the Mage Arts forces in Janam, Nakil serves under Captain Asad. Unlike Asad or Hafin, Nakil usually works behind the scenes for his troops, and is often dispatched as messenger towards the Company when the Magedom needs to send an official request, such as the two attacks they make on Ladzaa Fortress.

After Asad leaves the Magedom, Shairah soon dispatches Nakil on reconnaissance at Fort Arc, only for him to be captured. When word of this reaches the Company, the Hero offers to rescue Nakil, but Asad states that he will handle it himself, as Nakil is technically a member of the Magedom.

Asad is successful and brings Nakil back to the castle. Nakil then decides that he will join the Hero’s Company to serve under Captain Asad again.

Nakil does not join his Captain after the One King falls when Asad relocates to Pharamond. Instead, he becomes a diplomat in Salsabil. - Matt620