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Star: Chitan

Origin: Nay Island - Kobold Settlement

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Pickpocket

Born: IS 286

Death: N/A

Nalkul is a kobold pickpocket, who works with his partner Champo as an accomplice. The two steal the Golden Seal from Lazlo outside the kobold village on the island Nay. However, soon after, Lazlo and his companions realize the theft, and find the two kobolds, cornering them. Upon learning of Lazlo's identity, he helps find it (which had fallen into a nearby building), and begs to join their forces. After the war is concluded, he starts up a business with Champo and Noah. Their business is at first slow, but eventually they are able to access trade routes with Kooluk almost exclusively (along with Chiepoo). This angers Kooluk merchants, who send thugs after them in the port town of Merseto. They are saved, however, by Kyril and his party, who they in turn join until the Kooluk Empire crumbles. - KoRnholio