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As a command rune of a special kind, the Blue Drop Rune avails itself of the power of water for special attacks any kraken can perform. Inconvenient for a command rune, it grows in performance along with the wielders magic power. However, only one attack is available per time. A new magic level result automatically in an alteration of the command type until the limit of lv 3 is reached.

The rune let the kraken attack with its tentacles while blowing tenacious ink towards its opponents, inflicting water damage to several foes at once, but with the unfortunate side effect of unbalancing the user.

The Blue Drop Rune is initially equipped by both Abizboah and Rulodia in the Dunan Unification War. That is, if you decide to spend your Listening Runes to recruit them. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
Command lv changes depending upon max. Magic Level available (up to 3), regardless of MP left.

For kraken only.
Blue Drop (1 enemy)
DMG x1.5 / 1 enemy.
Inflicts Unbalance (100%) / self.
Blue Drop (row of enemies)
DMG x1 / enemy row.
Inflicts Unbalance (100%) / self.
Blue Drop (all enemies)
DMG x1 / all enemies.
Inflicts Unbalance (100%) / self.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Abizboah - H (fixed)

Rulodia - H (fixed)