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Black Sword Rune




The Black Sword Rune is one of the components of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the offensive power necessary for "the beginning," this rune holds devastating powers. Much of the power is manifested in the form of swords, and all of its spells unleash painful attacks with magical swords.

This rune is given to Jowy when the time comes and you'll have little better than a few occasions to use it. The spells used by this rune are all non-elemental based, so don't expect any enemy with a defensive affinity for this one.

Suikoden 2 Data
Attack and Instant Death magic useable.
Flash Judgement (1 enemy)
120 non-elemental DMG / 1 enemy.
Twinkling Blade (all enemies)
100 non-elemental DMG / all enemies.
Inflicts Instant Death (30%) / all enemies.
Piercing One (1 enemy)
700 non-elemental DMG / 1 enemy.
Hungry Fiend (all enemies)
1200 non-elemental DMG / all enemies.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Jowy - RH (fixed, post story event)