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Beast Rune (True)






Beast Rune

One of the 27 True Runes!

A True Rune representing animalistic rage and passion; the rune is officially said to have been given to the Blight family by the High Priest Sasarai. However, the fact is that the Beast Rune refused to be contained within Harmonia and took residence in Higheast (L'Renouille) according to its own will. Harmonia hid this fact by claiming that it was a gift, and used it as a political tool. Since then, the Beast Rune laid dormant within L'Renouille until Luca Blight took interest in its power. After the Beast Rune was realized as a weapon of war, huge quantities of blood was sacrificed to it, awakening various "relatives of the Beast Rune" in the form of golden wolves. These wolves caused confusion to the Allied Forces when they took Muse--the city was filled with golden wolves. During the siege on L'Renouille, the Beast Rune took the form of the Silver Wolf and challenged the Allied Forces to a final bout. After it was defeated, it is unknown what happened to the Beast Rune.