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Sun Rune




One of the 27 True Runes!

A True Rune governing over light, warmth, and nuturing, the Sun Rune is one of the three treasures of Falena. Originally connected with the Night Rune, the runes were split after the Night Rune incarnated itself into a sword and severed the link between them. When they split, two pieces were detached: The Dawn Rune and the Twilight Rune.

The Sun Rune is borne on the forehead, and slowly makes any bearer go mentally insane, without the Dawn and Twilight Runes to control it's impulses. The King of the Ancient Armes Kingdom bore the Sun Rune, but, due to its curse, was driven insane and destroyed his entire kingdom, reducing it to a sorched, barren, wasteland. The power of the Sun Rune, after the Kingdom was destroyed, nutured the land after the destruction, and made the ground fertile again.

Arshtat Falenas bore the Sun Rune when a rebellion by the town of Lordlake caused the Dawn Rune to go missing. She was advised to bear the rune by the tactician Lucretia Merces, to protect it from the scheming Godwin faction. However, without the Dawn Rune, the Queen was suffering the same mental insanity the Ancient King of Armes was suffering from, but her husband Ferid was able to pull her from her manic fits.

When Arshtat was slain, the Sun Rune returned to the room where it was originally sealed. The capricious nature of the Sun Rune allows only those it selects to bear it, as both Lymsleia Falenas and Gizel Godwin were rejected as hosts.

The Sun Rune's power can be controlled by the Dawn and Twilight Runes, whether or not the person bearing the Sun Rune is also bearing those two artifacts.