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Dunan : Higheast Province
Higheast Province
Formerly known as the Highland Kingdom, Higheast Province is a sub-section of Muse Principality. There is much history in this land, mostly to do with war. Due to its proximity to Harmonia, this piece of land holds great strategic value. This province is neighbored by the Great Sea to the East, and pirates often raid the coast.

Blue Moon's comment:
This new name was revealed in a small entry in the Suikoden Encyclopedia, what a suprise!
A manor owned by the vampire, Rean Penenberg. He frequently preyed upon those who traveled through Highland. However, after he was destroyed by Sierra Mikain, the manor also disappeared.

Blue Moon's comment:
Only seen in Suikogaiden, the manor has a church inside it as well as a pipe organ! Suikoden vampires seem to prefer being inside churches and play pipe organs.
Population: 21000
Industry: Trade, art, commerce
Formerly known as L'renouille, this city was renamed "Higheast" after the Dunan Unification War. It is the capital of the province, and is the largest city in Dunan. The city bustles with activity as various artifacts are traded in the markets. Higheast is also a major trade center between Harmonia, Grasslands, and Toran due to its location and size.

During the Dunan Unification War, the city was unaffected by the Allied Army's final campaign due to most of the battle happening inside the palace.

Blue Moon's comment:
Many players were disappointed with this city due to there being no actual "city." It's basically a glorified "dungeon."
Population: 7000
Industry: Tourism
Kyaro is a small town located within the mountains south of Higheast Province. This town used to be a popular summer retreat for Highland aristocrats under the rule of the Highland Kingdom. Due to this fact, Kyaro is a popular destination for tourists.

Blue Moon's comment:
Man, I want to see what it's like inside that royal summer-house...
A forest that lies north of Kyaro.

Blue Moon's comment:
Riou once got lost in this forest when he was small. Jowy cried because of that, if anyone cares...
Population: 700
A small village at the border between Higheast Province and Highland. It is a very secluded village, and news of the outside world rarely gets here, and when it does it is often twisted.

Blue Moon's comment:
The end of the road for travelers, and for the life of one gunner.
A pass that runs through Mt. Tenzan, which connects Higheast to the Kyaro area.

Blue Moon's comment:
Not many players use this pass to get into Highland do they... Also the place where the game begins and ends.
A small fortress located at the Muse-Highland border. This was the place where the "Battle of Fort Retto" took place. Kiba Windamier fought valiantly in this battle and defeated 3000 Jowston troops with only 100 soldiers. That battle made him into a general at the age of 19.

Blue Moon's comment:
Remember the Alamo!