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Dunan : Northwindow

Northwindow is an abandoned ruin which used to be a busy town. Having a history of defeating invading Scarlet Moon troops, Northwind was well known for its strong soldiers. However, it became a target of Neclord's bloodlust, reducing the once-affluent town into a massive graveyard.

Since then, Northwindow has been abandoned for more than a decade until citizens of Southwindow started to disappear. Granmeyer sent a team to investigate the ruins. The team included Viktor, the sole survivor of Neclord's massacre. The team discovered Neclord and defeated his summoned minion. Southwindow fell to Solon Jhee during this investigation, and Southwindow forces fled to Northwindow. Northwindow was quickly made into a fortress, and soon became the focal point of the new Allied Army.

Blue Moon's comment:
They must have had a hell of a time exhuming all the corpses from the courtyard and moving them to the underground cemetary.