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Island Nations : Obel

The Kingdom of Obel was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the Island Nations before the unification. It is located in the southeastern portion of the Island Nations. It holds many ruins, including one which has housed the Rune of Punishment.

In the year 292, during the Kooluk-Obel War, enemy ships ambushed the Royal Entourage. The Queen of Obel uses the power of the Rune of Punishment to stop the pirates from destroying the Entourage, she scarificed her life to the rune in the process.

During the Island Liberation War in the year 305, Obel saw the Punishment Rune host, Hero IV. Obel was attacked by Koolulk during his stay there. While King Lino En Kuldes was out defending Obel Hero IV unleashed the power of the rune on the Koolulk ships. Obel couldnt with stand another attack so Lino ordered Hero IV to round up people to escape the Island on the secret ship Lino ordered Tov to build. The ship blew a hole in the warf so the ship could escape, they made it but were forced to leave Princess Flare and Setsu behind. They returned to take the island with a bigger force than what they left with and were succesful.

After the war, Obel became the center of diplomacy for the Island Nations Federation.