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Complete texts of all the Old Books and where they can be found in the game.
Old Books
How to get every Old Book, and the complete texts of each. Misspellings and formatting have been retained.

Old Book Vol. 1
SourceFound: Kyaro
TitleAntique List
Text Failure Urn 20 potch

Octopus Urn 100 potch

Vase 5,000 potch

Wide Urn 8,000 potch

Blue Dragon Urn 16,000 potch

Celadon Urn 20,000 potch

Black Urn 40,000 potch

Fine Bone China 120,000 potch

Hex Doll 120 potch

Japanese Dish 6,000 potch

Chinese Dish 12,000 potch

Persian Lamp 15,000 potch

Peeing Boy 34,000 potch

Coral 40,000 potch

Bonsai 50,000 potch

Knight Statuette 60,000 potch

Goddess Statuette 200,000 potch

Graffiti 200 potch

Flower Painting 14,000 potch

Lover's garden 58,000 potch

Landscape Paint 80,000 potch

"Nature's Beauty" 400,000 potch

Old Book Vol. 2
SourceTreasure: Sindar Ruins
TitleSeeker of Sindar
Text I spent my life chasing the secrets of the Sindar, but here in these ruins, I've reached the end of my strength. And so I write some of what I have learned.

The Sindar area phantom race. They have been known throughout history and yet their true nature is a mystery.

They came from the northand travelled south, leaving mysterious ruins behind them.

Legends say the clan leader had a cursed rune inscribed on his forehead.

It granted eternal life but doomed the clan to a life of wandering.

They say a secret treasure lies at the heart of the ruins, but there are many traps, and most seekers find only death, like myself...

Old Book Vol. 3
SourceRare find: South Window Item Shop
TitleRare Find List
Text "Rare Find List"

Leather Coat
Brass Armor

Feathered Hat

Winged Boots

Sun Badge
Guard Robe
Water Crystal
Fury Crystal

Karate Uniform

Sacrificial Jizo

South Window
Half Plate
Kite Shield
Water Crystal

Speed Ring
Sound Set #5
Magic Robe

Head Gear
Earth Crystal

Two River
Guard Ring
Silver Hat
Wizard Crystal

Kobold Village
Gold Emblem
Heavy Necklace

Draining Crystal

Forest Village
Scale Mail

Brass Armor
Thunder God Garb

Highway Village
Rabbit Plans #2
Thunder Amulet

Banner Village
Rose Brooch
Rabbit Plans #3
Full Plate

Winged Boots
Mother Earth Crystal
Flowing Crystal

Tinto Town
Skill Ring
Wind Hat
Taikyoku Wear

Magic Ring

Old Book Vol. 4
SourceFound: Muse
TitleCharacter List
Text "Suspicious Character List"


From the Howling Voice Guild Chasing a "woman". Be careful of his gun.


Trying to rid Kuskus of a thief who preys on all-female parties.


Seen in South Window. A master of magic and fists, he can also be seen in Toto.


Hunts for the secrets of the Sindar. Seems to be exploring in South Window.


A thief who goes in and out of Radat.

Simone Verdricci

Staying in Radat while he studies away from home.


Black Knight seen in Toran as well as in the Cave of the Winds.


Runemaster from Toran. Opened a shop in Two River


Apprentice to a mechanician. Seen travelling from Greenhill to Muse.


Seen at the inn in Coronet village. Travels the world to improve his swordsmanship.

Old Book Vol. 5
SourceFound: Greenhill
TitleThe 27 True Runes
Text "Birth of the 27 True Runes"

In the beginning there was Darkness. The Darkness lived alone for eons. Suffering in solitude for so long a time, the Darkness finally shed a Tear.

From this Tear, two brothers were born, Sword and Shield. Sword bragged that he could cut anything to pieces and to that Shield answered that nothing could ever harm him.

And so the two went to war. The battle raged for seven days and seven nights. Sword cut Shield, Shield smashed Sword.

Fragments of Sword rained down and formed the sky. Fragments of Shield rained down and formed the earth. Sparks from the battle became the stars.

The 27 jewels adorning Sword and Shield became the"27 True Runes", and the World came into being.

Old Book Vol. 6
SourceFound: Forest Village
TitleA Guide to Trading
Text "A Guide to Trading"

Always gather information before trading. Check the prices of goods at the trading posts in each area. When you find items with price differences, buy low and sell high. That's the basis of all trade.

Trading posts keep inventory. If you buy all of the trade items from a certainlocation, it will take some time for them to be restocked. So it wouldn't be a bad idea to find a route where you can visit 3 trading posts in a row.

For example, buy "salt" in South Window. Then sell the salt in Forest Village and buy "sugar". Sell the "sugar" in Kobold Village and buy "mayonnaise". Then head back to South Window.

Inexpensive items don't bring much profit. So leave your items in your warehouse so you can trade many items at one time.

There is a lot of false information going around, so try to find reliable people to take advice from.

Old Book Vol. 7
SourceFound: Gregminster
TitleThe Gate Rune War
Text "The Gate Rune War"

The war in which the Toran Republic defeated the Scarlet Moon Empire is known as the "Gate Rune War" or the "Liberation War".

The first leader of the victorious Liberation Army was a woman named Odessa Silverburg. She was originally imperial nobility, but her lover was killed by the Empire and so she joined the Resistance and formed the Liberation Army.

The original members were Flik, Humphrey and Sanchez, but according to another member, Viktor, the later victories were due to the intervention of McDohl, son of the 6th imperial general.

During the war, Odessa was killed and McDohl took over leadership of the Liberation Army. McDohl followed the advice of General Mathiu and set up Toran Castle as the New Liberation Army base. After many battles, they succeeded in overthrowing Emperor Barbarossa. However after helping form a new nation, McDohl journeyed off to somewhere without ever seeing the fruits of his long labor.

Old Book Vol. 8
SourceFound: Tigermouth
TitleThe Grasslands
Text "Tinto and the Grasslands"

The Grasslands are a grassy plain stretching from the western part of Tinto to the north. Many different peoples live there, and are trying to take control of it.

Tinto plans on more raids in the future, but they're hindered by the Grasslanders, particularly the Karaya and Chisya Clans as well as the Free Knights of Camaro.

Recently, border attacks by a group of thieves called "The Keepers of the Flame" have increased.

Old Book Vol. 9
SourceTreasure: Tinto Mines
TitleHammer List
Text "Regional Hammers"
Iron Hammer

Crude hammer made of iron. Can raise weapons to level 9.

Found in the Forest Village.

Copper Hammer

Well-made copperhammer. Can raise weapons to level 12.

Rumored to have been seen in Gregminster.

Silver Hammer

Elegantly crafted silver hammer. Can raise weapons to level 15.

Rumored to be hidden in Greenhill.

Golden Hammer

The most powerful of the hammers. Can raise weapons to level 16.

Whereabouts unknown, but some say it is in Highland.

Old Book Vol. 10
SourceFound: Greenhill
TitleVegetable List
Text "Vegetable List"


Available in
Drakemouth Village

Seed potato

Available in
Matilda Forest
Banner Village

Spinach seedling

Available in
Two River
Forest Village
Monsters around Greenhill area


Available in
Banner Item store
Tigermouth Village

Old Book Vol. 11
SourceFound: Rockaxe
TitleLivestock List
Text "Livestock List"


Available in
Tigermouth Village


Available in
Rokkaku Hamlet


Available in
Kobold Village
Forest Village
Sajah Village


Available in
Highway Village

Old Book Vol. 12
SourceFound: Muse
TitleThe Gourmet Tour
Text "The Gourmet Tour"

A list of the greatest food in each region! If you go there, try these!!

City of Muse

Start with ohitashi, a refreshing Japanese spinach salad.


Try the gyoza (fried dumplings) here.


The fish fries in this harbor city are delicious. The quiche is good too.


The simmered fish is fantastic. Also the croquettes are addictive.


For a nice variety, enjoy the sunomono here or...

Two River...

the grilled fish or riceomelet here.

Kobold Village

You may have fun picnicking on Kobold meat pies, hamburgers or sandwiches in an open field.


Japanese stew, tempura and pizza are popular with the students here.

Highway Village

Try the obento (boxed lunch) or the teriyaki while haggling with merchants.


The most popular dish here is "Ghengis Khan".


If you make it this far, end your journey pleasantly with some curry.