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The staff at Suikosource have created many guides to help you through Suikoden 2. Almost any information you might want to know about the game is listed here.
The locations and prices of the various pots, paintings, and ornaments.
A full list with all pieces of armor, along with their corresponding classes and sources.
A guide to all of the hidden scenes in the Bath, along with each of the individual baths and the ornaments used to decorate them.
The bestiary is a listing of where all of the enemies in the game can be found, their stats, attributes and their dropped items.
Here you find the number of bonuses for loading data from the original Suikoden into Suikoden II.
A compilation of all of Fu Tan Chen's introductory quotes for the Cookoff's judges.
The duel guide is a list of what characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.
Complete list of all possible ending lines for all characters.
Index of Item Digits for Gameshark and similar cheat devices.
A list covering starting levels for all characters on recruitment, initial equipment, runes and items right from the start, as well as rune slot info.
How high a character's MAG stat has to be before they gain more MP.
The locations of various items not classified as antiques or armor.
Complete texts of all the Old Books and where they can be found in the game.
A compilation of all of the information gained by Richmond when you use his investigation service.
An exhaustive database of all available runes in the game. This guide also makes note of any non-playable runes mentioned in the game.
Each playable character has different affinities with each rune; this list shows which characters are best with which runes.
Each character's possible statistics with each level they gain is listed here.
A list of each status effect, including their causes and cures.
Complete guide to all of the letters in the Suggestion Box.
Guide to all possible unites and their boost items.
A list of each unit available in major battles, noting their attack values and their special skills.
The strengths and names of each weapon as you sharpen them.