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Star: Chiyou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Investigator

Born: IS 417

Death: N/A

A lead-sniffing investigative journalist, Taylor is a reporter who runs his own newspaper and always thinks about the people he tries to give stories too.

Taylor spends most of his time digging up information, and is acquainted with Oboro, whom he often swipes information with. He methods of obtaining information are known to be wild and considered invasive. When Taylor was investigating the Godwins, he was actually arrested for being too nosy.

When Taylor hears about the Prince's castle, he travels from Lelcar to his castle, asking about it, while, at the same time, delivering a message from Wasil.

Following the attack on Lelcar, the Prince allows Taylor use of his castle to conduct several interviews. Pleased with his sense of journalistic responsibility, Taylor joins the Prince's army.

In the past, Taylor often states that it is the job of the journalist to be neutral. But he realized later on that he needs to report fair and honestly, but help the right person because it's good for the people. This philosophy let him spread around the news of Zahhak setting Lelcar ablaze in Doraat. Combined with Oboro's fire trick, the people of Doraat opened the gates for the Prince and the city fell quicker.

After the war, King Jalat lets Taylor travel to Armes, where he pokes around for the next biggest story. He ends up exposing massive corruption among the militant hardline chieftains. - Matt 620 (article), Basel (image)