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Star: Tenyu

Origin: Razril

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Knight of Razril

Born: IS 283

Death: N/A

A somewhat lazy, yet strong, Knight of Razril, Tal is a good friend of Lazlo and is among the first to stand beside him when Commander Glen dies. Tal is an expert fisherman, loves to eat, and tends to nearly fall asleep during long-winded speeches, but he is completely serious when it somes to the Rune of Punishment, and is determined that he and everyone else near Lazlo will always be at their best, so he will never have to use the Rune of Punishment and endanger his life. After the war, Tal returns to Razril and becomes a fisherman with Shiramine.

Always up for an adventure, he later is recruited by his old pal Keneth to help Kyril search for rune cannons in Kooluk. - Matt620