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Star: Chirei

Origin: Falena

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Doctor

Born: IS 398

Death: N/A

A doctor who practices in Lordlake, Silva is a talented physician with a tongue of pure acid and has no definition of bedside manner. Because doctors are forbidden to go to Lordlake following the rebellion, Silva lost her license when she practiced there.

Silva has been practicing for over twenty years. She was acquainted with Murad and worked with him on occasion. Silva met Galleon decades ago when she was an army physician and he was a soldier. They were married, and Silva versed Galleon in combat first aid. However, they divorced soon afterwards, his devotion to the Queen and spending his time in Sol-Falena created little time for married life.

Silva is harsh and strict on the royals, even after Arshtat was slain. Treating people in Lordlake, without access to clean water long embittered her against the monarch who caused it. She is nasty to the Prince and Lady Sialeeds when they tour Lordlake, and when the Prince tries to recruit Lordlake to his camp, she shows him just how serious the Sun Rune's damage wrought on the townspeople. Although the patients could be treated at Raftfleet, they would get ill again when they came back to Lordlake.

Silva was surprised when the Prince destroyed Hatred Fortress and brought water back to Lordlake. She thought the Prince was just a spoiled brat, but he turned out alright. She no longer needs to treat the Lordlake citizens, since they have clean water, and decides the Prince needs an emergency doctor on hand. She sets up a clinic in his castle.

Silva treats Lyon after she is stabbed, but allows Lyon to train in secret following her recovery so that she can stand beside the Prince. As a doctor, Silva doesn't like the idea of restoring to runes from a professional standpoint, but allows the Prince to use the Dawn Rune to heal Lyon, as her health was more important. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after the restoration of Lordlake.