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Star: N/A

Origin: Island Nations

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Admiral

Born: IS 388

Death: N/A

Captain of the flagship of the Obel Maritime Fleet and Admiral of the Island Nations forces, the Lino En Kuldes, Commander Skald Egan is the father of Bernadette, Ferid, and 6 other children. Skald is a rambunctious, loud man who enjoys playing mind games on his overly serious daughter.

Skald is often at odds with the Obel Maritime Council, and does things without their approval. Usually, he uses a method clearly wild that would upset this council, to trick Bernadette into doing a subtle approach. He does this with the lighthouse when pirates barricade them, and again when the Prince asks for the Island Nation's help.

Skald was the ambassador sent by the Island Nations to Princess Lymsleia's coronation. Although he knew that Godwin would try to make a formal alliance offer there, the Island Nations, diplomatically, saw the issue in Falena as a civil war and not of their involvement.

Skald, despite his perpetual tricking his daughter, cares for her, and wants her to go with the Prince so she can become her own woman, and not seen in the shadow of her father.

Like in Falena, Island Nations royalty have a tendency to get themselves into trouble, and Skald is no exception. He was known to be fierce against pirates and rout many of them on the high seas. Skald was acquainted with the royal family of Falena before, able to immediately pick out the Prince in a crowd because he resembles Arshtat.

Lucretia sent Skald a message about how Armes would side with Godwin. When it turned out to be true, Skald sailed his ship directly towards Falena. Although this was a bluff tactic, it gave Shula an excuse to pull back the Western Marine Corps after the failure of the Southern Mountain Corps and Childerich's forces to defeat the Prince. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)