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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown


Position: Rogue Pirate

Born: N/A

Death: IS 299

A rogue pirate leader, known to control the seas with an iron fist, and anyone who he deemed to have encroached on his territory was dealt with severely. He was perhaps the most feared pirate of them all, defeating fleets and was even able to turn people into fish men using a rune cannon known as the Evil Eye. His strength only grew upon gaining the Rune of Punishment.

One day, while his ship was ambushing the battling ships of Sigurd and Hervey, his rival Edgar, along with Kika and Brandeau, caught up with him, and he was forced to retreat. That night, he was confronted on the open sea by Edgar and Brandeau, who had along Walter and his crew. Steele was defeated by them, but used his Rune of Punishment one last time, killing Edgar, along with himself. - KoRnholio