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Tips and tricks that will help your gameplay or simply amuse you.
This section details several tips, tricks, and other such in-game secrets. If you know of one that we don't have, please let us know!
Hidden Scenes
Choose the same name for both heroes (Suikoden I & II) to get a speacial dialog with Gremio in Banner Village.

Bring Valeria to Banner Village to recruit Anita.

Bring Killey to Gregminster to recruit Lorelai.

Defeat Rowd in Kyaro when he comes to arrest you.

Speak to Gengen before you speak to Leona after you are asked to buy some flour from Ryube.

Take Flik or Viktor to Lakewest when recruiting Hix and Tengaar.

When running from the Unicorn Brigade, go north instead of east and examine just to the right of where you'll later leave the X mark. This is also a time saver.

Talk to Shu first the night before your battle with Luca Blight. Your responses trigger an extra scene with Apple the next morning.

Talk to Leona the night before you fight Luca.

Talk to Leona the night before retaking Greenhill.

Take different "pure women" with you to recruit Sigfried. We recommend Sierra or Mikumiku.

Bring Kasumi when completing the "McDohl Sidequest" for a bonus scene in the McDohl Mansion.

Free Recover at Inn
Step 1. Go to an Inn and choose to Stay

Step 2. Hit the cancel button to get out of the Save/Don't Save choice.

Step 3. Exit out of the Inn's options and you will see that your party is fully recovered.

Identify Items Yourself
If you have more than one unidentified item in your inventory, they are organized by price. If you need to throw some away, ditch the ones on the top.

Or... Ask Raura to make some scrolls. All unidentified items will be identified until you leave the store.

Viki will randomly teleport you to the wrong place. Sometimes to the blocked staircase in Radat. Items there include a Blue Gate Crystal, Dragon Armor, a Mole Suit, and a Mega Medicine x9.
The Oscar Goes To...
The character who has defeated the most enemies with physical attacks (not unites or rune attacks) will have a statue on the 4th floor terrace.
Extra Boots
Before jumping off the cliff at the start of the game unequip the boots on Riou and equip them on Jowy.
When Pohl asks you to get two pairs of boots take three from Barbara. Equip two pairs of boots on Riou and talk to Barbara again, she will allow you to take three more pairs of boots resulting in four free pairs.
Yuzu's Missing Sheep Bug
When doing the Unicorn Quest with Hix, do not open the chest closest to the starting point in the forest. Then, after recruiting Yuzu, go back into the forest and you'll find her missing sheep! The reason you should not open the chest is because apparently the chest and forest's Sheep share the same memory address; once you have obtained the Sheep, you will notice the chest is now open.
Seed and Animal Submission Bug
Giving Tony or Yuzu two of the same type of Seed or Farm Animal will result in only one new crop or animal being displayed, however the Restaurant will still count both items.
Recipe #12 and #34 Bug
Do not submit Recipe #12 (Sandwich) or #34 (Japanese Stew) to Hai Yo or the Vault until you have obtained both items. Many players could never obtain Recipe #34 (Japanese Stew) because it apparently shares the same memory address as Recipe #12 (Sandwich), which you obtain much earlier in the game; once you have given one to Hai Yo or Barbara (who runs your Vault), enemies will no longer drop either recipe.
Leon's "Defeat" Speech
When you are invading Highland (Shu uses himself as bait), put Tsai in Viktor's unit. If you're lucky, the Fire Spear will defeat Leon, and you'll get to hear his very rare "defeat" speech.
Color Intro
Instead of jumping off the cliff in the beginning, keep fighting the Highland soldiers (by choosing not to jump off the cliff). After the 108th battle (go for 110-115 just to be sure), the intro sequence will be in color. After several battles, one unite attack will kill all the enemies.
Steal From Hans (Max Potch)
A glitch in Hans' equipment shop allows you to bring your potch below zero which tricks the game into thinking you have maximum potch!

Step 1. Have enough money to buy one piece of armor but not 2 of that armor. Go to Hans (your castle's armor shop) with 1 character wearing this piece of armor, and 1 character with no armor.
Step 2. Buy the armor. Select the character wearing the armor. When given a choice to put your current armor in the bag or exhange for potch, choose either one. At the confirmation screen, hit cancel twice. You will still be in the buy mode, ready to select who to buy it for.
Step 3. Now select the character who has no armor. Select "yes' at the confirmation screen. Now, select that character again, and choose either option (put in bag or sell). Now cancel out of all the menus. You should have 999999 potch.

Detailed example: Riou with armors, Viktor with none, 23,001-45,999 potch (let's say you have 24,999 potch) to use the trick with Dragon Armor.

1. Buy Dragon Armor.
2. Choose to equip on Riou.
3. Since Riou has armor already, you're asked whether you want to sell the previous armor or put it in the bag. Choose either of the two, it doesn't matter.
4. Before it really happened, there is a question to confirm whether you really want to do that or not. CANCEL (triangle button) twice.
5. Now you are back at step 2 (the screen to choose who would equip the Dragon Armor on). This time, choose Viktor.
6. Confirm the purchase. If you do it right, your money would not be reduced at all (so if you start with 25,000 potch, it will stay 25,000 potch).
7. After that, buy another Dragon Armor, and again choose to put on Viktor. Now that he already has the first Dragon Armor equipped, you'll be asked whether you want to put the old one in the bag or sell it. Doesn't matter what you choose, and confirm.
8. 999,999 potch.

Instant Level 99
When a character is at Lv. 39 (Lv. 49 with a Fortune rune), go to L'Renouille. Fight a group of Highland x6. Kill off all party members but him, then defeat the enemy. His level should shoot up to 99.
You can apply this trick at Mt. Rakutei after Rockaxe is liberated against a group of 6 Pixies for characters who are higher level. With a Fortune Rune, a lvl 49 character can reach level 99.
You can also apply this trick earlier in the game to have characters jump levels tremendously against a large group of strong enemies.
Maximum Stats
When you die, you're given the choice to give up or continue from your last save. You retain all levels and stat increases, including ones from stones. However, the items you had before you saved don't change. So you can save, use your Stones, die, save again...
Matilda "Glitch"
Early in the game, as soon as you can get to Muse, you can go to Matilda. Simply go to the Muse-Matilda border and push on the gate. It will begin to move like a box. You can enter Matilda and recruit Futch and Humphrey. Beware, though, as enemies here are extremely powerful on your current level. Recruit Futch and Humphrey and let them do all the work in battles.

Lord Dude has written an indepth essay on the Matilda "Glitch", which explores whether it is a glitch or a deliberate trick put in by the game developers.

Extra Flowing and Mother Earth Runes
Speak with the Rune Master at Gregminster and buy all runes that appear in Rare Finds. If there are no rare finds, then just select 'Quit'. Run around to the other side of his desk. Stand directly behind the Rune Shop owner and press 'X' to talk to him again. There is a 60 to 70 percent chance that the Rare Finds will open up. Effectively giving you 2 shopping lists depending on which direction you speak to him from.
Solitude Rune
Solitude Rune The Solitude Rune is a rune designed to become stronger with less party members, but it cannot be obtained playing the game normally; a Gameshark code is provided below to attach it to the Hero. For every party member less than 6, the Solitude Rune increases ATK by 40%. When the party is 6 characters, there will be no bonus, but if there is only the Hero in the party, his ATK will be increased 200%.

Gameshark code for putting the Solitude Rune on Riou's Weapon:
300698A6 0065

Bath Set
Bath SetThe Bath Set is a bath item you cannot normally obtain in the game.

Gameshark code for putting the Bath Set on Riou's first Accessory Slot:
300698AD 004B
300698AE 0000

But Can You Dance.. with Karen?
Pressing the select button brings up a picture of the controller that indicates the next button(s) to press.
Press the button immediately after Karen claps.
Start the button sequence after HeroII bounces 3-4 times.
Save Nanami, "Best" Ending
In order to save Nanami and see the "best" ending, you must first gather the 108 Stars of Destiny before choosing to invade Rockaxe. You will know you have accomplished this task if Leknaat appears during the rally and unlocks the fourth level spell of the Bright Shield, Forgiver Sign. Then Nanami must be wearing some kind of body armor (even a Robe is fine!). Then you must select either dialogue option when she is deflecting the arrows; there is a time limit for this dialogue selection. Afterwards, Huan should have a private word with Shu after he claims to have failed to save Nanami. Please note that Nanami will still be unavailable for the rest of the game.
With that being said, in order to see Nanami alive you must get the "best" ending, which consists of not entering the meeting room in your castle but instead going to Tenzan Pass to meet Jowy at the place the friends swore to wait for each other if separated. Do not defeat Jowy in the duels he forces upon Riou, and when he tries to give you his true rune, keep rejecting it. Eventually, the end sequence will start.