<< Oleg Olhazeta Falenas Onil >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Sol-Falena

Events: None

Position: Queen

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

The Great-grandmother of the Prince and mother of Falzrahm and Shahrewar, Queen Olhazeta was known to be a good and effective ruler. She was married to a Godwin man. The Queen tried to keep things civil between her daughters, but with the younger one, Falzrahm, clamoring for the throne, there was little that could be done. Olhazeta agreed to let Arshtat's Sacred Games come before Haswar's to appease Falzrahm. After Olhazeta's death, the civil war between the two sisters became a hot war. Olhazeta was the one who appointed Raja as Admiral. - Matt620