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Star: Chiyu

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Private Investigator

Born: IS 411

Death: N/A

The chief investigator of the Oboro Detective Agency, Oboro is an ex-member of Nether Gate. Specifically, Oboro grew up in the intelligence division, so he had many opportunities to learn about the outside world.

After Nether Gate disbanded, Oboro took two assassins, Shigure and Sagiri, with him. He wanted to deprogram the two basically emotionless people and give them a real life. His past and training made him a perfect candidate to open up a detective business. Their first customer was Fuyo. Although the group did an excellent job and pleased her immensely, they were so disorganized that she joined them to help straighten up. Oboro enjoys Fuyo's company, and considers the group of four as close as any family.

Oboro's office is actually a ship that sails up and down the Feitas, and he often docks in Raftfleet. The Prince met him in Rainwall, though. The Prince needed some work done, investigating the actions of Lord Barows during the Lordlake uprising. Oboro investigates, and discovers that Lord Barows has a skeleton in his closet regarding this, and, by investigating Norden, the ex-commander of Barows's garrison, he discovers the truth.

Oboro's hobby is to make business cards. It's a practice he invented, but they didn't catch on as well as he would have liked. Oboro also trains mice to help him tail people. He has several mice working for him, but he never explains just how he trains them.

Oboro has a professional rivalry with Raven, whom he calls "Crow." Oboro thinks Raven should be more grateful to him after Oboro caught him the first time. Since the client who hired Oboro didn't pay properly, Oboro didn't tell the client about Raven's secret.

After the war ends, Oboro, having witnessed Nether Gate's atrocities during the war, decides to depart for Nagarea to "settle things once and for all," presumably with the two members of Nether Gate that fled there. No one knows what exactly Oboro does to them, but he returns to the agency every so often to check up on Fuyo, Shigure, and Sagiri. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After initially hiring Oboro in Rainwall, go to the inn and talk to the drunk at the bar. Upon leaving the inn, accompany Shigure and Sagiri for Norden's investigation. When Oboro speaks about employing mice, ask "That man went inside the house", and when talking to Norden with Oboro in the Tavern, say "We need to talk to you about something". After the relocation of Raftfleet, talk to Oboro and ask him to join in his office in Raftfleet.

If you did not choose the "correct" responses during the Norden investigation, you will need to ask him to join more times and have five more opportunities to as storyline progresses: after Raftfleet; after HQ; after Lelcar; after Sable; and after Beaver Lodge. If you wait until after the Queen's Campaign, his ship will be gone from Raftfleet forever.